Many Cultures, One Black Race

 My two closest friends and soul sisters are Nigerian (Ndidi) and Puerto Rican (Leslie). I am American. We are of three separate ethnicities (i.e. cultures). Collectively, we are a beautiful exhibit of varying melanin. We are all brown girls; therefore, qualified to be a part of the Black race. It is a simple explanation of our identity...something that I never think about (because I just love my friends). Yet, in society, there's still a struggle to accept such simplicity when it comes to the topic of race vs. ethnicity....more

The color of humanism

By DIANE GRIFFINFor Humanist Network NewsOct. 20, 2010 It was another Easter and my family had all descended upon my grandmother’s tiny North Carolina house for our annual gathering. As we all sat together on the cramped floor, participating in our ritual of watching “The Ten Commandments,” I looked around at my family and asked, “Really, is this what we really believe?”...more

Wigs and Weaves Don’t Cause The Plight Of The Black Community #NaBloPoMo

I’m not really not a Sunday blog posting type of girl but today I was inspired to share some of my thoughts after reading a comment that someone left on one of my recent blog posts.  The comment wasn’t left on my blog, but in a private facebook group that center’s around natural hair....more
I couldn't agree more. I wear my hair natural, but if I allowed it to happen, I could spend just ...more

Alzheimer's brain changes vary by race

When it comes to race, not all the effects of Alzheimer's are the same.New research from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that Alzheimer's develops differently in the brains of African Americans (vs. Americans of European descent) and that they are more likely to experience brain changes that also contribute to dementia....more

What's so funny

I probably shouldn’t speak too soon, but I’m glad that the Rachel Dolezal Memes, jokes and other foolery surrounding her race is nearing an end. As much as I tried to ignore the post, it wasn’t a case of blocking someone who made a post; as it all went viral and was in the face of just about anyone who uses the internet as a source of connecting to the world....more

Why Isn't There a Brown Version of Taylor Swift?

In my opinion, there is no one who can hate on Taylor Swift (though Kanye definitely tried). She is young, fresh, fun and one of the only younger female artists who didn't originate from the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Boys love her, girls want to be her best friend, and people from all ethnic backgrounds can be caught with one of her catchy songs from her 1989 album in their heads. ...more
FreelanceLady With the exception of Jordin Sparks from American Idol, the other 3 examples were ...more

You're Pretty For a Dark-Skinned Chick

"Excuse me miss, can I have a second of your time?"...more

Mediterranean diet fights cognitive decline -- if you're African American

My husband and I love Mediterranean food, but according to a new study on cognitive decline, it's going to a lot more for his brain than mine.No, it's not a gender issues, it's race. The study, wich followed 2,326 older adults (70-79 years old) over eight years found a "significant correlation" between the MedDiet and a slower rate of decline among African Americans (my husband). There appeared to be no correlation for Caucasians. ...more

Four Reasons Black Parents Should Home-school

good article!more