Meaningful Gifts For Kwanzaa

Conceived in 1966, Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday, celebrated between December 26 and January 1. The seven days represent seven principles to unite African-American communities. On each day, some families gather to reflect or demonstrate a principle. ...more
Torture crimes of the inventor of Kwaanza: ''Deborah Jones, who once was given the Swahili title ...more

"Excuse Me, Are You Ethiopian?" and Other Backhanded Compliments

"Are you Ethiopian?"The cashier at Trader Joe's asked me this at check out after inquiring if I had a name for my frohawk. I responded,"No, why?"He replied,"Your look and your hair."...more
Oh you will get used to biggie....just life.more

Beautiful Evelyn

I was on a cross country flight recently on my way to visit family.  I boarded the plane and sat down next to an older lady who smiled at me even though I accidentally bumped her arm with my bag. The lady appeared to be African-American, quite small in frame.  She was seated next to the window, with her sweater cupped over her shoulders like a blanket....more
@lenitakilgore Thanks so much for reading. Evelyn was really a neat lady. It was my privilege ...more

Enlightening Cruise

I took a seven-day cruise and visited many different places. It was interesting to sit back and watch different people on the ship and on the islands. I was with my husband and children, but was surprised to find that two black men continued to hit on me whenever they saw me alone....more

It's Our Right! Or Is It?

Is it our right as African American women to voice a verbal or written opinion when we see brothers liking or loving only white women? This blog will usually focus on the trials and tribulations of growing up dark skinned, but I recently read another article about our boy Tiger Woods and I thought I would put the question out there....more

Hard Times

Growing up as a brown-skinned African-American woman, I experienced hardship due to the color of my skin. Whether it be rude comments (intentional and unintentional) or outright discrimination, being made aware that black is beautiful…as long as it’s not too black, wore on my self-esteem as a young girl. While this issue seems to be prevalent amongst all ethnic races, it is especially common in the African-American community. The “color-struck” ideology has divided and destroyed communities and even families....more

Reflecting on Akoma - Patience and Tolerence

  Akoma is the beautiful Adinkra symbol that represents tolerence and patience....more

Honoring Dr. Malinda Sapp & Women with CRC Tonight Live

  While watching an episode of Dr. Oz this week my sister and I debated the percentages of African American women dying of colon cancer(CRC.) Based on her education [her associate degree in medical administration] and experience she didn’t think black women had a heavy concern about this cancer.  While I, a full-time patient with ten years experience in and out of hospitals and labs, meeting all types of other female patients, I begged to differ....more

Can Americans Care for Their Families Without Losing Their Jobs?

We work long hours. We work multiple jobs. We can barely afford healthcare, or we’re doing without. We’re stitching together childcare, or we’re sending our kids to school with H1N1.   We exert ourselves to be good spouses, sons and daughters, parents, members of our community, friends - in snatched moments from being good but insecure employees.   And while we may talk amongst ourselves about hard it is to manage it all, perhaps we feel that this is just life and try to muddle through as best we can, on our own…  ...more