Children's Book on Death

Please check out Gayle Fuhr's children's book called Grandma Ruby and Me. It tells the story of Taylor, age 7, who loses her grandma. Beautiful illustrations and a lovely story which opens up death to children. Even though it is written and illustrated with an African American family it is great for all ehtnicities as death knows no color. You can order from the author directly or her publisher or Amazon. Gayle Fuhr on facebook. Message her....more

Scandal! An Interview with Crisis Queen Judy Smith, Who Inspired the Hit TV Series

Does anyone else hear the big click when the Universe unlocks her abundance, when Diosito bathes you with goodness? That’s how I felt when I guest hosted NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin when Michel was away. ...more

I Dreamt I Was in Heaven: the Rampage of the Rufus Buck Gang

Today when we think of gangs our thoughts are of young punk kids who just don't want to work or go to school so they can get a job and join the ranks of the working class. Just like the rest of us. Have we asked ourselves what is their motivation? Do we really know why they dress and act the way they do? Perhaps there is an underlying method to their madness that is inspired by this generation that we can't see, or chose not to see. ...more