Black Women, White Women, and Natural Hair

The burn of a relaxer on my tender scalp.The hiss of the hot comb against my untamed roots.The fear of moisture in all of its iterations: rain, sweat, ocean.The anguish of getting the most minor trim because length--not health--was paramount.These are the memories I carry of the never-ending battle to hide the state of my kinky hair. It's an experience belonging to sisters all over the globe, this fight to make our hair submit to societal standards of what is acceptable and proper....more
Ellen Shaffer AS a fellow Jewish woman I thought you might find my blog interesting, my first ...more

My Natural Hair Journey and Then Some

I was inspired to cut my relaxed hair and start afresh with my natural hair in 2009.  At the time, I was reading one of the books in The Nappily Series by Trisha R. Thomas. She's a great author.  I felt like the main character Venus Johnston was like me.   A complex woman, trying to make it in the world.   She felt heartache and pain, she was articulate, smart, successful and vulnerable. Just like me.  So like Venus I began to question why I processed my hair.  I realized that I relaxed my hair because I was conditioned to....more

Laila's Hair Care Haul

We talked to our social worker today and let her know that our visit with Laila Saturday was awesome. She said tomorrow she would talk to her supervisor about getting Laila moved in asap. As soon as I hung up the phone I realized that Laila could be here any time within the next 4 days and I didn't have any products for her hair. A trip to walmart was in order. The first thing I learned is that my local walmart was not the best choice. Their selection was meager at best. I decided to try a drug store instead so off to Rite Aid I went....more

Pregnant & Packing for BlogHer 2010: Final Cut What Goes & What Stays

The envelope. Drumroll please...the winner of the What am I Actually Taking to BlogHer 2010 is... Comfy Flats: Walking through the airport and from one session to another on swollen, achy feet means cute and comfortable ballet flats with Dr. Scholl's gel arch inserts for added support. Cute and Sensible Heels: This is my first time in heels in months. I gave em up once the swelling started in the 1st trimester. That said, I'll try anything once, or twice, especially awesome Anne Klein flex slingbacks....more

All Natural Battle Royal: The Fight For The Right To My Own Hair!

My hair looks crazy, and I look jacked. It’s been this way for about 2 months now. I’m a broke, possibly unemployed (a whole different story) newly-wed in a new town. This town, while I like it, doesn’t exactly cater to my culture. I think I saw 2 home perm kits in the local beauty supply... Anyway, for about 2 months my hair has been unkempt. Most of the black woman reading this will probably gasp. 2 months?!? ...more

Don't fight it honey, you just have to learn it... it takes time... come join me and my ...more

Journey to Beautiful, Healthy, Black Hair...AGAIN!

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Rants and Raves of Jennifer

Well Hi there. Jennifer here, wanna get to know me? Read more and talk less. Simple. ...more