Hair Psychology: The Natural Hair Movement

Ever sat at a table with a bunch of naturalistas? I'm talking heads full of coconut-coated twists, colorful coils, bantus, braids, dreadlocks and frohawks (my signature)? If you have, then you know that dinnertime conversation can easily turn into a collective dissertation on hair products, chemistry, dating, self-esteem, sleep rituals, and even child-rearing - all centered around natural hair. I recently sat down with six curly girls over dinner and experienced the extent of such conversation....more


Laila finally moved in Thursday for good. What a joyous day for us. She said she was so happy to be back. Her social worker brought her to us around 1:30 that afternoon. She had all of her worldly possessions in a Hello Kitty backpack. It's so crazy to think that everything she has fits into a backpack. I will buy her everything she needs and lots of things she doesn't. I will make sure she has clothes, toys, vacations. I can't give her those first 6 years back though. She has been in 5 homes before ours. She has faced alot of neglect and rejection. She hasn't been cuddled enough....more

I teared up reading your post. I am so happy for Laila and I commend you for being conscious of ...more

How I Do My Hair, in Three Easy Steps

I think I've reached almost every woman's version of Nirvana. I, Heather Barmore, have found the perfect combination of hair products to make me, Heather Barmore -- she who is notoriously unhappy with everything -- fairly happy with my hair. Though first I feel like I should go back to 1994 when I had grand delusions of having long flowing blonde locks. Every time I got a relaxer and a haircut I'd end up with a case of whiplash from shaking my tresses around like I was in some Pantene commercial. Fortunately, I have since recovered from that particular phase. ...more

Hey great article!

Im in Singapore and they DO NOT have products for curly hair ...more