The Me Nobody Knew Then

In recent years, psychologists have advocated for models of child development that give central consideration to the role of culture and socio-economic status in shaping the way a child views the world and functions within it. Yvette Harris and James Graham, author of the 2007 book, "The African American Child: Development and Challenges," argue that this is especially important for understanding children of color. ...more

You're right, Candelaria, it is difficult. I think I've been struggleing for a way to talk about ...more

Balancing Safety With Support

I spent the last couple of days hoping against hope that the Jennifer Hudson story would not develop into a tragedy beyond comprehension.  Like a lot of you I could not stop constantly checking for updates to the story while becoming increasingly despondent as the story emerged.  This was particularly poignant for me as a manger of domestic violence programs for a non=profit that specializes in addressing the speicifc needs of women.  Lately myself and my colleagues have been involved in a never ending discussion of how to provide suport for dv victims while still dealing with some of th ...more

you get my utmost respect for the work you're doing in the non-prof... DV is hard to ...more