Race, Depression, Reflections

I have been unusually quiet when it comes to recent events in the news. Not due to lack of knowledge or an opinion. So many have so poignantly said what I felt that the words I thought of didn’t seem to compare. I’ve liked, shared, retweeted, favorited and reflected.From the senseless murder of Mike Brown – an unarmed African American male  in Ferguson, Missouri – to the death of Robin Williams bringing talks of suicide and depression to every day conversation....more

Stereotyping in 2012: Necessary Lessons to Teach My Son?

 For the past month, I've listened to and read news articles about the killing of Trayvon Martin, an African-American teenager who was gunned down because he looked 'suspicious' while walking through his neighborhood wearing a hoodie. The absurdity of how and why Trayvon was killed is still under investigation, but it has shocked and outraged people all over the country, and now people from state to state are wearing hoodies, in protest, to publicly display how ridiculous Trayvon's killing was....more
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