I have a secret. I have a family member with a mental illness.

I have a secret. It is a secret that I was ashamed of. I have a family member with a mental illness. Like most folks we didn't talk about it. Everyone, and I mean everyone knew. Others ignored it. Some pretended like it did not happen or even worse. As a child, I was told to get over it. Some relatives, family and friends suggested prayer or seeing a minister because the illness was a sign of weakness/the devil. At least they tried. I couldn't escape it. I didn't have the luxury of ignoring it this because that person was my mother. ...more

African Americans Want The American Jobs Act Passed Now

The political and economic analysts claimed that President Barack Obama had to show leadership and be bold with his jobs plan. I believe everyone got what they asked for from his American Jobs Act (AJA) plan. I must say that this aggressive plan to put Americans back to work infused some sense of hope, especially for African Americans. ...more
How I wish someone had the courage to expose the problems of black America. I think the ...more

Psychiatry, Social Unrest and Misdiagnosis

Black men have long been overdiagnosed with schizophrenia, according to a new book by University of Michigan psychiatry and women's studies professor Jonathan Metzl.  The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease suggests that black men are diagnosed with schizophrenia at a rate at least five times higher than any other group, a practice that likely began when "experts" made a connection between blackness, civil rights activism, and mental illness.  Metzl's finding is consistent with earlier findings of psychiatric overdiagnoses of people of color and women. ...more

A diagnosis of mental illness is a handy tool to discount people who are reflecting social ...more

HIV/AIDS 2009 Prevention Conference

So I just returned from the 2009 National HIV Prevention conference in Atlanta and I am reflecting on a number of interesting facts that I picked up at the conference.  First of all Magic Johnson was the main speaker for the opening night.  He was wonderful.  If you have never heard him speak he is very personable.  He walked up and down the aisles while speaking allowing people to take his picture and to also take pictures with him while he spoke.  This was very interesting because people were hell-bent on getting his picture even if they had to disrupt the confere ...more

The Ebony Experiment: Stop Asking 'Is it Racist?'

When John and Maggie Anderson of Oak Park, Ill., started The Ebony Experiment on January 1 of this year, they thought of it as "an academic test about how to reinvest in an underserved community and lessen society's burden." For one year the family has pledged to buy everything they possibly can from black-owned businesses--health and beauty supplies, gas, clothing, food, books, medical services, etc. They moved their personal accounts to Covenant Bank in Chicago, but have been unable to switch their mortgage and student loans to blac ...more

So for me, the Ebony Experiement is more about changing consumer
attitude than ...more

50 Things About Being Black in America

This summer on July 23 and 24, CNN is airing a 6 hour documentary on what it's like to be Black in America .  In the promo they point out that the program "isn't just about Black people, it's about Black Americans".  As I put these dates on my Outlook calendar, I got to thinking about what it's been like for me being Black in America.  ...more
"Being excited about having Black presidential candidate because he's Black and a great ...more

Hillary Clinton is a Vote-for-Me-Activist

Hillary Clinton is a Vote-for-Me Activist ...more