Black on Black Bigotry

She said the punk leaned over and said to another student - loud enough for her to hear - "Did you understand what she just said?" His tone was irritated. "Because I didn't understand one word." She never called him "punk" when she told me the story. I chose the label because it's the strongest non-expletive I could come up with that conveys both his petty ignorance and my aversion to comments like this. It infuriates me that such a thing could happen at my alma mater, the so-called "Mecca" for Black college students, Howard University....more
I'm Caribbean born and growing up in the islands my relatives always told me that Africans ...more

The Progress of Progressives in 2008

You know how you can only remember seven of the eight reindeers' names? Or 11 of the 12 Jewish tribes? Well, I find that "year in review" posts work in the reverse: I never have trouble coming up with what to review. The trouble is in keeping the review to a manageable size. ...more

What!  Jill, what makes you think I'm a woman of color?  LOL. Just kidding.  You did a ...more