Thinking About Taking a Wife Strike--Not a Hall Pass!--but a Wife Strike?

Taking a Wife Strike is about taking back--one by one until you have reached a whole--slices of pie that you gave away. I'll come back later to this in more detail. For now, give me about 5 minutes of your time, sit back, and endulge in what a Wife Strike can do for you. Put on your reading glasses, grab a glass of wine, sit in your corner couch, and here we go:     Wet Jeans: Scenario of a Wife on Strike Drastic Measure...more
@Audrey Humaciu Yes you're right, your son would not get it if you took a Mom Strike, lol! I ...more

Not every woman wants you...

Most of my headaches could be removed if men weren’t so conceited.  Men think everything is about them.  If you call a lot your obsessed with them.  If you want to take a picture your obsessed.  If you want to hang out you have a crush.  OMG!...more

I'm a Shallow, Single Black Female, By Choice!

I went out with those too short, too fat, poor guys.  What is the point? They are just as self centered and insensitive as the cute ones.” -Miranda Hobbs...more

Didn't you post another blog wondering why you as a single black female can't find a good man ...more

The Grey Girl Diaries

Monday, June 14, 2010...more

The Top 10 Things to Make Life Easier for Black Married Mommas (cont.)

The first five of my Top 10 Things to Make Life Easier for Black Married Mommas were quite individual and circumstantial recommendations. They were about me and my life. Their inclusion was mainly motivated to actions or changes that, on an everyday and rather superficial level, could really make a difference in my daily life....more

The Top 10 Things to Make Life Easier for Black Married Mommas

In my own mind, my life is not easy. But I know fully that others would consider it a charmed one.In the muck and grime and mundanity and daily minutiae of my existence, it’s easy to feel bogged down by bills, housework, limited free time, virtually no spousal alone time, work schedules, school demands, the five- and 10-year plans, and all the little pushes and pulls that are the goings-on in the lives of Black Married Mommas....more