Black Girls RUN!: What Can You Achieve if You Focus on the Goal?

In running and in life, the first mile is the hardest. At least it is for me. It takes time to get the creak out of my bones, loosen up my muscles, and get into a groove. Any little thing can distract me. My arm band is not quite right, my bra is a little tight, or the weather isn’t as perfect as I’d hoped it would be. I think to myself, I said I wanted to run a 10K, but did I really mean it? I know this is just my laziness trying to get me back into my comfort zone: in my bed watching Netflix. But stopping isn’t an option. ...more
EchoingIda Have you heard about the new running film 4MinMileMovie? Sounds like it might relate ...more

The Coming-to-Be of a Dissertation on African-American Mom Bloggers: Part Two [Framework]

At least three foregrounded identities present themselves for the African-American mom blogger: African-American (race), Woman (gender), and Mother (work). Each of these identities is embedded with its own history that must be negotiated by the woman. It’s not a one-time negotiation; it’s fluid, changing to reflect new experiences outside and inside the blogosphere. In order to research how African-American moms use blogs as a tool to present themselves online, this dissertation uses as a framework Eisenberg’s theory of identity as mystery and Goffman’s self-presentation theory....more

Why Won't you Date Black Women!?

I love black women. Actually, I love women period, especially ones with more skin pigmentation. ...more

(VIDEO) Prayers and Hopes Rise for Aretha Franklin

The news about Aretha Franklin isn't good. It's not good at all. Reports from her family earlier this week say the 68-year-old singer, pop culture icon, Detroit resident, and first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has pancreatic cancer ...more

Thank you for mentioning "Chain of Fools," also one of my favorites. I knew I had forgotten a ...more

My Black is Beautiful Reality Television Show on BET taping

I decided to keep pursuing my quest for work in the entertainment industry.  I tried to get casted on a reality makeover show.  I wasn't chosen but to my surprise they invited me to attend the taping of the show with VIP access.  Lucky Me!  The show is called My Black is Beautiful and will air on BET. You can also follow them on Twitter MBIBMovement....more