Meditations on an Afro

I got a hair cut from my hair guru, Ahmed this week.  This man has been instrumental in sanity retention on more than one occasion, like the time I was on bed rest during hideous Pregnancy Numero Tres and he came to my house to remove the vast majority of my unwashed hair. He is good. ...more

What a kind comment MiChelle! Thanks for the support and understanding. And let me tell you, I ...more

Being Afro in a Straight World:'You look like a black power to the people person'

 Fall of 2005 I started thinking about what I would look like if I were to wear my hair natural. And I had a flashback…....more

Being Afro in a Straight World:Time for Change

Five years ago I started on a journey that I thought was simply about my hair. I was 27 and had looked like this for the last 5 years... not bad huh? Well.......more

Looking forward to reading your thoughts!more

Naturally Curly

“She has naturally curly hair,” my mother would say with great sadness in her voice  when she spied a young person with curls.  She made it sound like a curse.   Mother had curls of the type that sprang in tight spirals directly from the scalp and she hated them.   She did battle with her hair daily.  Her own mother urged her to wear her hair cropped short and just be done with the whole thing, but mother craved shoulder-grazing styles.   She was born at the wrong time for her hairstyle to be considered stylish.  The only curls my mother’ ...more

CurlzNaturally Receives 5 Stars on YouTube

Be sure to check out the vid, comment and subscribe ...more

So excited to see you here on Blogher!  We need more naturals! Can't wait to check out ...more