My time in a sorority or Why my student loans are not paid off

I was paying my student loan bill from 2002 the other day.  There is nothing like paying a bill for something you did over 12 years ago to make you think about the past. I went to a state college in the midwest about 2 hours away from my hometown.  I went to college by myself feeling like I was leaving everything behind.  I had illusions that I needed to move away from home in another state and experience living on campus at college. What I didn't realize is how hard it would be. ...more

The Intern From Hell

@BlogHer ?? is this a real post? How tactless and rude.more

Box of Chocolates

I know I'm paraphrasing, but life really is a box of chocolates.  You can only do your best and go from there....more

Blah with a Chance of Sunshine?

I'm still hanging in there, though I've fallen behind in school.  I plan on catching up though, don't worry fellow bloggers.  Money issues are worrying me though.  It is not a matter of being frugal, but one of constant, and crippling poverty and a system that refuses to understand.  Add to this several medical issues, and you have something of a daily challenge....more


We were in Boston for Parent's Weekend, visiting our daughter Katie, who is a senior this year.  Most seniors don't have parents visit for Parent's Weekend - after 3 years in college, it seems kind of silly to be the wide-eyed visitors, which we really weren't.  But Katie wanted us to meet her friends, some of them sorority sisters, some not - and we wanted to see our little girl, of course...only she's not a little girl anymore, in any sense of the word. Being on her turf, with her in charge - it made me both proud and sentimental at the same time....more

Passions or Family Business?

Recently, a graduating college senior asked me, “While my first choice is to find a job on my own, my family owns a business and they’d love for me to join them. Given the current state of the economy, should I consider joining the family business my best option?” ...more