Your Child can Help you Lose Weight over 40!

Your Child can Help you Lose Weight over 40!How is it possible to lose weight over 40 when you have a child next to you, demanding your time and attention? Here's some tips to get you going and make sure your child is on your side, helping you lose weight rather than distracting you!...more

A War on the Mommy Wars: Enlist NOW!

From my blog at MommaMadre.comSome celebrity smut caught my eye on el web. Something to the effect of "Beyonce's Amazing Post-Baby Body"on The Huffington Post. I'm happy for any mummy that can even remotely bounce back from carrying around a human being for 9+ months, so I checked it out....more

The truth about Postpartum (part 2)

You can find the Part 1 of this story HERE The hubs and the lil lady became BFF and it was such a joy to watch them bond, but my heart was breaking over the loss of the relationship I had with my lil lady. ...more

Pregnancy: Fun, facts and cord blood

General Information and links for parents to-be about pregnancy,labor and delivery. Also accurate and comprehensive information about cord blood banking, comparison price lists, testimonials and cord blood resources....more

Taking control of my body after a year of binging

So I finally decided today to face my fear of knowing my actual weight after taking 17 months of binging. The binging started when I was pregnant with my daugher. I ate whatever I felt like at the time due to my massive craving of burgers, fries, pizza and wings. These are the types of food that I could keep in my stomach. I didn't want anything else. I didn't feel like eating fruits and vegetables because the sight and thought of eating fruit and vegetables made me want to throw up. Even after all the weight gain, I was fortunate to maintain a healthy weight....more

My newborn weighed 9 lbs, so how did I only lose 7?

My pre-pregnancy weight was 124 lbs and the last time I weighed myself was 7 days before I gave birth and I weighed 187 lbs, gaining 63 pounds in total.  I had gained 67 at one point, but my weight fluctuated at the end once the cold water started to come and I lost some of my water retention.  ...more