Later in life pregnancies

I am happy being the mother of one. My husband and I are satisfied with our family size and neither of us is pining for another baby. Don't get me wrong - I do sometimes wonder what life would be like with a second child (and it usually scares me a bit). Also - at least in my mind - I think of myself as too old to have another baby....more

Lessons from an Ageless Bird

I was on the phone with a friend yesterday and in the midst of my poison ivy story, I was horribly distracted by the obnoxiously loud bird squawking in the background. ...more

The older mom on the block

Someone asked me the other day if I wanted to have another baby. People like to ask parents that question. (I don't know why, as it is really none of their business, but they ask.) I have my standard answers:...more

Are You Sending Your Child Back to School with a Cell Phone?

The age of cell phone spotting has begun in our house. During dinner, the twins provide me with a list of kids in their school whose parents have bought them cell phones. Over half of the list sounds highly suspicious, mostly because they are the children of parents who have sworn that they wouldn't provide their child with a cell phone pre-high school. A few others are probably trying to pass off an iPod Touch as an iPhone. But there are other elementary school kids who do have cell phones because I've seen their cell phones. Yes, I just wrote elementary school. ...more
My 8th grader has a basic cell phone for text and calls that we got for him last year. He's ...more

How old are you really?

A few months ago, a couple of coworkers were trying to figure out my age. Eventually, one of them just came out and asked me. Several of them thought I was significantly younger than I actually am. I know this is not because of the way I look (I think I look my age), but rather because of the energy level that I have....more

What's in an age

It was just the other day that someone told me to "act my age".  Instead of shooting back a sarcastic comment,  it actually got me to thinking.  What actually is "acting my age" and who determines how I should act?  This year I turned, ugg, 54.  I don't feel 54 but then again how am I suppose to feel.  Here's the thing, I've never been 54 before so I'm not sure how I'm suppose to act.  I own my own home, have money in the bank and have been fired from my job (how that is relevant is a stretch)....more

Face/Off: Grandma Edition

Sometimes I open my mouth and my mother comes out. ...more

How Much Time Do You Spend on Social Media?

Mediabistro recently had an article breaking down how much time people in various age demographics spend on social media sites. I was pleased with their base list of sites, mostly because even poor little Ello made the list. (You're so cutting edge, Mediabistro.) All that said, I realized that I have more in common with women over 60 than I do with my age demographic. I am doing social media all wrong for a 40-year-old. ...more
stirrupqueen I don't even know what half of those are! Lolmore

Is 96 Too Young To Die?

I recently wrote a post stating   Take Time For Your Health Today So.......You Will Have Health For Your Time Tomorrow.  I shared how I witness miracles almost every day -- what an incredible place to live.  You can read that post here....more

The age of questions