Even My Therapist Won't Call Me Back

Let me catch you up! I've been through a lot these past few years, my brain and my self-esteem is not what it once was.  I took a sales job right out of college and fell madly in love with a coworker...the catch?  He is twice my age.  Not a problem for us but apparently a problem for everyone else in our lives.  My dad didn't speak to me for months, called me every name in the book, threatened to come fight him...just lost his mind when I told him.  Mind you I thought they would be really happy for me that I found someone who treated me so amazingly....more

Are Women always trying to re-evaluate relationships

Are women predisposed to trying to re-evaluate their relationship? Hobetw many women wonder if there is not something they are being told or are they in the path of a Mac truck? Where does trust lie and all other components that make a person feel comfortable? The main issue, a feeling that pops up every once and awhile that he is not divulging what is  going on? Yet, he is very wonderful and tells me things in his own time? everything? I tell myself, there is a healthy distance and there are things that a couple should keep from eachother....more

Blended Families and How to Cope

Blended families is a subject that people don’t like to talk about but statistically we know our society is going through.  With fifty percent of new marriages ending in divorce I’m surprised this topic isn’t being talked about every day in the media.  Fifty percent is a very scary figure.  Especially for someone like myself, who comes from a broken home and has already been married once. ...more