Let the Midlife Makeover Begin!

Tomorrow, I turn 45, and frankly, I've not been aging well.  I know I look older than my age - part of that I can blame on Demi Moore for skewing the curve, but the truth is, years of on and off sugar binging has left my skin pretty damaged and  my hair prematurely gray.  I've been a serial yo-yo dieter, having gained and lost the same 10 - 40 pounds since high school....more

Dress Your Age? Nine of Ten Women Don't ...

Dress my age? Hell, no!A new survey, conducted by UK department store chain Debenhams, finds that nine out of 10 women dress younger than their age and more than half don’t intend to dress their age until their 70s....more
Well,lol, I guess wearing whatever we want and whatever we are comfy in is our choice since it's ...more

Think You Can Wear That to the Office? Think Again

Some outfits are obviously not work appropriate, but the line between what's okay for the office and what should be held aside for the weekend can be pretty fuzzy depending on your job and your age. If you work in an office with a traditional dress code, you probably can't wear a flirty sundress with boots and a cardigan no matter how young you are. However, in a more casual, laid back office, you might be able to get away with that any day of the week, right up until you retire....more

There's a reason "sexy secretary" is popular at Halloween, right? It's a costume, and just not ...more