The Ageless Woman

To think of a woman who embodies the word ageless conjures in my mind a picture of a woman middle-aged or older. She has wrinkles and her hair is streaked with gray. Her skin is beginning to show some of the papery texture that comes with age. She is smiling....more

That is really special to hear, thank you!


Agelessness Means No Limits

A little over a month ago, I flew from Charlotte to New York City to participate in the More/Fitness Half Marathon in Central Park. Sitting on the plane made my troublesome knee stiffen up, and every twenty minutes or so, I’d get up and do a stroll down the aisle to loosen up my joint. I love to run, but running doesn’t always love me back. Due to biomechanical issues, I’ve suffered a handful of small injuries during my five-year love affair with running. ...more


Congratulations on your run!It is so inspiring to see "young" people advocating ...more

On Agelessness with Kyran Pittman

In a few months, I will be 44 years old. Forty-four years old. Like, officially in my mid-forties. It's hard to explain how I feel about this: It's not that I feel old, per se; it's more that when I was a kid, 44 seemed Very Old, and how can it be possible that I have reached the age of Very Old? ...more

As women who are entering their forties, we have to write our own stories and make our own myths ...more