Introduction to Obsessiveness

Title Vanity a Sign of Economy Strength or Playing a Game Content Recently I have stared into the mirror a little too much, but truly do not think it is vanity just a little obsessive. I found a great facialist who I paid a visit to today for my second facial in 49 years. So, not so high maintenance just trying to stave off father-time....more

I Object!


Who Else is Turning 59 or 60 soon?

I'm turning 59 in March.  I already feel like I might as well skip 59 and be 60 already.  Is anyone else scared of turning 60 and is anyone else scared of dying, etc.?  I'm not planning to retire because I can't afford to.  Please don't tell me to think positive; this is positive for me. Ilene Sennuwy Springer (Sennuwy is my ancient Egyptian name)  ...more

BlogHer Network Member News: Kathy Patalasky's Cake Photo Makes the Cover of VegNews + More

Kathy Patalasky of Healthy. Happy. Life. is both the photographer and creator of the pumpkin carrot cake on the cover of VegNews Magazine's September/October food issue. ...more
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