Mom's 82nd Birthday

MADERAOn Friday we drove down to the Central Valley, about four hours south of here, to celebrate my mother’s 82nd birthday.  My sister and her two adult children drove in from the Bay Area and we all had lunch at Mom and Dad’s on Saturday, followed by dinner out that night and then cake and gifts....more

Images of the Past and Future

MADERAI have a lot of vivid dreams. It is almost as if someone has reached deep inside my body, grabbed hold of my soul and then yanked upward violently, turning me inside out like a sweater. Thus exposed, my dreams take me to places I fear to go in the light of day.Lately, I have dreamed several times of my father's death. I wake grateful in the knowledge that he is very much alive, fearing the day when I shall dream of him and awake to find that he is just a memory....more


 WHEN OUR PARENTS BECOME OUR CHILDREN……AGING……..It can be one of the most heart wrenching times in life……when a parent gets sick……After all, our parents were there for us growing up….They nursed us, took care of us when we were sick, corrected us, put bandages on our boo boos, hugged us, told us stories….and our parents were always larger than life itself…..They were strong….Invincible…….So what do we do when our parent becomes our “child….?”...more

Alzheimer's, the "Sleeping Giant," is Now Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

A new study about death and Alzheimer’s disease made headlines yesterday.  It revealed what all of us in the Alzheimer’s community already knew: Alzheimer’s disease is a “sleeping giant” and it is dramatically under-reported as the cause of death, especially in older Americans....more

No Text Please, We're Parents

When I visited my parents recently, I sat down with my mother to show her photos on my iPhone.  There were photos from Thanksgiving, from Hanukkah and from my father’s eightieth birthday celebration, along with pictures from back in the summer — some really good shots I took of our family Fathers’ Day brunch in Los Angeles and my nephew’s college graduation dinner....more

Someone needs to invent a pill for stupid and give it to my father. The true meaning behind nothing.

Women are funny. We're always obsessing over the deeper meaning behind nothing and creating a much more dramatic version of what never was. Take me for example: I like a good conversation, especially when it involves a strong drink and a half-decent meal that I didn't have to cook; but sometimes I hear words that were never spoken and end up walking away with an extra chip on my shoulder that no one else wants to eat.Women's intuition? Maybe....more

Is Just $4,000 Enough to Keep You out of a Nursing Home?

The Cost of Aging in PlaceA new program in Baltimore called Community Aging in Place, Advancing Better Living for Elders, or CAPABLE for short, is successfully proving the point that even small changes can allow seniors to stay in their homes and avoid moving into expensive nursing facilities. The initial goal of the project was to see how much just $4,000 could improve the safely and mobility of a senior....more

When Life Hands You Lemons....

We've all heard that expression when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Sometimes the lemons aren't exactly our own. Life is funny. You live one way for most of it and then age, circumstance or whatever sends you a giant curve ball and things change. That's when it's time to reassess and make lemonade! ...more

A Big Man

February 15, 2013 will be the two year anniversary of my father’s passing.  As the day approaches, I’m often taken back to his funeral. Someone once told me that a funeral isn’t for the one that has died; it’s for the ones that that person left behind.  It’s a way for us to say goodbye and find some closure.  I didn’t say goodbye to my Daddy. I certainly don’t have, need, or want closure....more

#1 Aging: Is it a problem when you feel younger than you are?

It is happening...again. The issue of when we will need special care is the ongoing topic of conversation with our children. They are wondering "What will shall we say? What should we do? Did you see Mom/Dad driving, paying the bills, stumble on the front sidewalk?" They (our children) are worried....more