Don't Throw Out Your Cooking Oils Before You Read This

Whether you realize it or not, canola is a very important crop to Canadians and to many countries all over the world. A study in 2013 showed that canola contributes $19.3 billion dollars to our economy annually---a contribution which has more than doubled in the last decade, making canola Canada's most profitable crop....more

It's Raining! It's Pouring!

I can't believe it! There is water falling from the sky and lots of it.  For most of the country, this is not an amazing thing. I have watched with envy for a couple of years as people far and wide have complained about rain and snow.  Meanwhile, here in CA we have been fallowing fields, rationing water and posting "Pray for Rain" signs in our front yards. Now it is raining! Hooray!...more

The New Fair Food Label

Today, the Food Chains documentary on the fair-wage struggle of farmworkers in Florida will be released in theaters nationwide. The film shares the struggles faced by farm labor in agriculture. Farmworkers were excluded from the National Labor Standards Act of 1938, that set the minimum wage requirements for workers....more

A Foodie Challenge

Food. It is not just what is for dinner.  Food is sustenance, support for life and for many food is a way of life.  While those of us who work in agriculture hope to remind, or inform, people that food does not come from a grocery store, perhaps, it is time to take a step back and rephrase the statement....more

Finding Joy

Joy! Sometimes in life people, weather, news all seem to bring stress and sadness. For many, the challenge to escape this darkness is a steep uphill climb, Others seem to have no challenge with a smile, laugh and happy thoughts.  There are moments in everyone's life however when we can make choices which can take us a specific direction, a choice to find joy.  ...more

The Evidence May Show That GMOs Are Safe But I Still Avoid Them

My family avoids eating GMOs.  I can't say we NEVER eat them. We had GMO corn taco shells this week and cookies from a local bakery that almost certainly uses conventional ingredients. A recent trip to a nearby burger joint was what our family refers to as a "crap fest." It was delicious! Healthy? Well... uh... it was delicious....more
Well done, Lazy Hippie Mama.  You're hardly lazy.  I agree with you about GMO food labeling. ...more

Social Media and the Modern Farmer

Point-Counterpoint: California's Prop. 37 to Label GMO Foods

On November 6, California voters will decide on Prop. 37 which would require companies to label products that include genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Consider the "Golden (State) Rule", the widely accepted belief that "as California goes, so goes the nation", this 'local' proposition is being closely watched by foodies, farmers and a very nervous industry....more
@JonathanBirch Hello there, Jonathan! Thank you for coming in and adding your voice. I agree ...more

'Organic' Is a Dirty Word

A few months back, I was talking with Kirk about -- what else? -- organic farming. “They need a new word for it,” he said. “A new word? What? Why?” “'Organic’ is just...I don’t know...not good. They need a new word.” I was incredulous. Good lord, what could possibly be wrong with organic? I can’t think of anything more harmless or healthy. But once I put my self-righteous indignation aside, I gained valuable insight....more
HA!  I was just going to post the same thing.  I'm in the southeast and around here ...more

Will Allen: Growing Power and the Good Food Revolution

In 1993, Will Allen bought the last remaining farm in the city of Milwaukee. It was located in a food desert halfway between two freeways on a very busy street. He bought the farm for selfish reasons.  He was looking for a place to sell the produce he was growing on his 100-acre farm in Oak Creek, WI, outside of Milwaukee. After a couple years, Allen started to work with a youth group on the farm, and eventually his friends talked him into starting a nonprofit....more
Snowy Pines Ridge Farm ~ He really is inspiring, isn't he? Did you see his interview this week ...more