Rock the Red Pump: Women & Children HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Add Some Color to Your Wardrobe I'm going to make selecting your outfit for tomorrow a little bit easie...more

Getting Kids Addicted to Giving

Drives me bonkers when people talk talk talk about giving but don't actually get their tuchus in motion - financially, physically, and specifically with their kids. Our children are not going to gain appreciation for those less fortunate or the extreme needs that exist in our world unless they are engaged in a very active way. Watching parents write a check is not going to do it. They'll roll their eyes. After spending far too much money on groceries that were pushed around the plates on Thanksgiving, I was anxious to find a way to get my children actively involved....more

It's World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day.  This is a disease that's near and dear to my heart.  It's the first disease that I ever saw a friend my age die from and the statistics are mind numbing.When I was about 22 years old, I had a friend name Tasha who had the disease.  She never told us that s...more

12 Myths And Facts About HIV And AIDS

With today being World AIDS Day it seemed a good time to discuss myths and facts about HIV. In spite of over two decades of research and science there is still a lot of misinformation about HIV. Some of these will be discussed below. Myth 1: You cannot get a test for HIV until 6 months after exposure. Fact 1: Tests are now available at 4 weeks after exposure. These are called Duo tests and look for both the HIV antigen (p24) and antibody....more

HIV Is Women's Business

Unfortunately a lot of people, women especially, don't think they are at risk of HIV infection....more

Born HIV Free: How You Can Help Save a Baby's Life

Imagine, just for a moment, that you're pregnant, or that someone you love is pregnant. Imagine that this is a happy thing -- the happiest thing -- and that you long to celebrate this pregnancy and the child that it will bring into the world. Now imagine that you are -- or the person that you love is -- HIV positive. ...more

Whether you want to witness firsthand the work being done to save these children, or you simply ...more

Is Viagra Putting Women at Higher Risk for STDs and HIV?

Is living in the age of Viagra a good thing or a bad thing for women? When it comes to STDs, it seems to be a bad thing.  We are hearing a lot about the new study finding an increase of STDs in older men who use medications for erectile dysfunction (like Viagra). What we haven't heard a lot about, is how this affects women (particularly older women). ...more

I've been waiting for somewhere i can vent about this subject.
I hate all those E/D ...more

(VIDEO) First National HIV/AIDS Strategy - High on Social Media, Low on Money

The Obama administration unveiled the first National HIV/AIDS Strategy (pdf) to mixed reviews. Having a strategy is good. But is this the right strategy? ...more

It makes for a super soundbite but there's no power behind it.

BlogHer Community ...more

(VIDEO) National HIV Testing Day: What You Need to Know Now

1.1 million Americans are living with HIV, and 21 percent of us don't know we've been infected. That's 52,000+ people who don't know they have HIV and 50,000 people who could be spreading the virus without ever knowing it. Don't be one of those 52,000+ people. Get tested! ...more

Sex As a Deadly Weapon

Victims of Philippe Padieu, a Frisco network security analyst who knowingly infected women with HIV, will speak out today on Oprah....more