(VIDEO) Oh, Anderson Cooper, Of Course You Have The Cutest Giggle Ever.

Anderson Cooper goes full-on Jimmy Fallon on Gerard Depardieu during a segment of his show known as "The RidicuList."   It's really worth a watch.   I mean, REALLY.  Coop completely loses his sh*t (ha!) while cracking pun after pun on the french actor for famously having relieved himself in p...more
I just couldn't believe how long it was going on for!!! Like he couldn't get enough! @ShoreBookwormmore

Follow Up: Bloggers on the Air France Crash

It's only been a few days, but the conspiracy theorists have the Air France crash in their radar. I'm not going to post any of those links here -- you're on your own if you want to pursue that line of thinking. The only real news is that crews are finding bits and pieces of airplane debris. Here are a few more links on the crash. ...more

The Air France disaster is not only a tragedy for those who perished, but for the loved ones ...more

Air France Flight "Missing"

Update, 1230PST: With still no signs of the missing plane, the news remains bleak. The Guardian posts subtitled footage of the Air France statement to the press here.  Reuters (and any number of services) reports this morning that an Air France flight is "missing" over the Atlantic: ...more

This is so scary!!! My thoughts and prayers go out to the families on this ...more