Farewell to Honeymooning

On the last day of our honeymoon Sweet Babou and I flew to Dublin to stay once again with Jen, Paddy, and their two gorgeous children, giving them the dubious privilege of driving us to the airport at the crack of freaking dawn the next morning for the return flight to the states. Aren’t they lucky, to have such quality moochers as their friends? ...more

Air Travel - An Altered State - With Turkey

There is something distinctly unnatural about air travel. One minute you are doing your usual thing seeing how many boxes of brussels sprouts stalks and slightly soft apples and pumpkins you can squeeze into the back of the pickup truck for the hogs and the next minute you are in some other time and place with other people, other routines, other everything...Dad and I popped up to Kelowna to visit family for a few days and arrived back late last night only to experience another round of slight discombobulation....more

Why We Can't Open The Windows Inside A Plane

Mitt Romney is shocked that you can't open the windows in a commercial airliner. A fifth grader could tell you this isn't a good idea, but I thought this was a good opportunity to learn just how exactly air travel and our bodies' needs intersect. To answer the question, I hit up Michael Habib, Assistant Professor of Cell and Neurobiology at the University of Southern California, who also happens to be a world expert on the mechanics of animal flight and bio-inspired robotics. ...more
Sally G Actually everyone there had a good laugh. I think you fail as a political commentator so ...more

Zero Turbulence

Walking through the doors of SFO, I always feel like I'll be swallowed by the TSA system or trampled by the masses of people moving and waiting to get to their destination. I'm a die-hard pessimist, when it comes to airports. I'm always expecting the worst, but deep down hoping for the best. There's usually some glitch, especially traveling with a toddler. I pray it's only minor and nothing major, like having our seats relocated at the last minute and being separated. ...more

Airplane Travel With Toddlers: How To Survive Without Alcohol

Ahhh, Summer. Family vacations, beach adventures, BBQ’s with friends. Lazy days spent by the pool, starry bonfire nights.  And long plane rides, fucked-up nap and bedtime routines, and macaroni and cheese for dinner every night because that’s the only thing your toddler will eat when you’re away from home. Sunscreen in the eyes, forgotten swim diapers, and screaming/wiggling/pissed off kids who won’t sit still in their airplane seat....more

The "ahem" glamour of air travel

I do not like planes.I do not like them in the airI do not like them on the ground.I do not like them anywhereBut how else can I get around? (my apologies to Dr. Seuss)...more

Why I Feel Like A 5 Year Old When I Fly...

I fly a lot.  When doing so, I spend most of my time making weird observations.  While flying last week, I FINALLY realized what I can compare flying to these days; being a 5 year old in a kindergarten class. ...more

That Bag is Mine! Finds in Luggage Tags

Lost and unclaimed luggage? Someone mistakenly walking away with my suitcase at the carousel? That’s just not in our plans this summer. There is nothing like a lost bag (invariably, the one containing all the essentials) to ruin a vacation. So, as I was preparing our family for our summer getaway, I came across some very cool luggage tags to help us find and even track our luggage. I thought you might find these finds useful too. There is here something for  the young, the classic, the chic and the techno travelers:...more

Con Air

This past weekend, Elliott and I flew to Boston for the weekend.  For the most part, it was an uneventful trip. If you’ve flown lately, you know what a hassle air travel has become.  There are the security lines, the overbooked flights, and the testy airline employees.  With a cancelled flight out of Kansas City, air traffic control issues in Chicago, and weather delays in Boston, it took us 13 hours to get to Boston, but only five hours to get home....ContinueLanita Moss ...more

Pets and Airlines : Not So Friendly Skies

Pet owners, according to most American airlines, have deep pockets.How else to explain the exorbitant fees they charge so that you can substitute your one carry-on bag for a bag that contains your small dog or cat? And the oligopolistic nature of the business comes through loud and clear when you examine the variance (or lack thereof) in the in-cabin pet fees....more