perils of improper planning - a Jet Blue Experience

My friend Beth always says “Proper planning prevents poor performance.”  How I wish Jet Blue Airlines was friends with Beth….  I am sure that the hundred of thousands of people that suffered, and continue to suffer as a result of Jet Blue’s improper planning would agree with me....more

Would You Give Up Your Upgraded First Class Seat to Your Son?

So, you're travelin...more

Flying Alone

Last week I did something new. It wasn’t as delicious as trying a new flavor of ice cream, or as adventurous as flying down a zip line. It wasn’t as bold as a new hair color, or as daring as quitting my job. Last week I flew alone. Solo. No friends, no kids, no spouse, no colleagues. Just me, my overstuffed suitcase and a carry-on bag full of papers to grade, books to read, and stories to write....more

Flying The "Friendly" Skies

 For whatever reason, I'm super tired so just a quic...more

How To Deal With Hostile Flight Attendants Without Getting Arrested

It's an interesting juxtaposition of events:One: Airlines are streamlining their budgets, trying to cut costs on everything from food to baggage and of course, personnel. The result: overworked, underpaid airline staff who have to juggle the dual role of being glorified bus boys with terrorist-fighting 007's AND impatient, frustrated passengers, sick of airlines trying to get them to pay more for less and less and less....more

Pounds and Time...It is All so Confusing

I recently returned from traveling and can’t seem to shake a problem I had with the airlines on the weight of my luggage.  I am amazed and somewhat ashamed at how much stuff I took with me, but to defend myself, I was packing to be gone three weeks! How did the nomadic people do it?  Traveling from place to place with all their belongings and no suitcases?  I wish I knew one to interview!  I just know it would have made a difference in the w...more

A Pet-Only Airline Prepares for Lift-Off

Ever had to ship your pet on a plane? While statistically safe, it's still scary for both of you. So, after years of loyalty and love, pets have won their very own airline. Starting on July 14, PetAirways will provide animal-only flight service to five cities – Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. Us control freaks can even obtain 15-minute status updates on our airborne pets online. ...more

I recently moved to South Korea with our 105 lb. Bullmastiff, Maggie Moo. Having a carrier ...more

Distraction with a Capital D

Today's order: Grande Non-Fat, No-Whip, Extra-Hot White Mocha I cannot stand air travel. Once upon a time, air travel had class. Air travel was considered to be romantic, almost luxurious. People enjoyed it. ...more

Secrets and Hints for Air Travel with Small Children

Air travel with kids.  Yikes!  Sometimes you want to.  Sometimes you need to.  Sometimes you have to.  Some children are born ready to travel.  They are quiet, agreeable, cute and did I mention quiet?  And then, there are some children who whose behavior on an airplane may result in their parent's nervous breakdown and fellow adult passengers deciding to maintain a child-free existence.  Fair or not.  Right or wrong.  Kids fly on planes.  Usually with one or both parents.  Without knowing your kids, I can't predict how well they will travel on an airplane.  However, if your kid kicks and screams and tries to bite you while you are properly buckling them into the car seat and then throws everything within reach at you while wailing at the top of their lungs on the routine five minute drive to the grocery may want to consider a chartered flight to your destination.  ...more