Air Turbulance and the Implications for the Tiniest Travelers

The recent events on American Airlines flight 280 with sudden, unexpected turbulance jarring the airplane and injuring numerous people.  Passengers onbaord report everything not seatbelted in or secured down was thrown about the cabins.  And though there is no official information in the reports, I can't help but wonder about any lap infants.  You know, the precious little cargo that gets to sit unrestrained on mommy or daddy's lap while everything else is properly secured....more

I Don't Care About the Delta Breastfeeding Scandal: I Know My Rights

I'm sure by now you've heard about Delta's recent breastfeeding debacle in which a breastfeeding mother asked via Twitter about the airline's policy. She was informed she must cover or feed a bottle. I knew right away no such policy exists and that it was just an under-educated customer service rep misspeaking. ...more
BeyondMommying sgamer0425 Why did you have to do it in a checkout line? Would the kid have died ...more

How to Survive a Plane Crash

How to survive a plane crash in 8 simple steps that anyone can follow:1. This is the most important step, which is why it is number one-As the plane is falling from the sky and crashing into the ground, DON'T die.If you can't even be bothered to do that, then further advice is useless.  You have to really be committed to the "not dying on impact" directive....more
Hahaha! I don`t think I`m ready to hop on a plane for a long time! I keep thinking of Lord of ...more

Delayed Again? Your Flight Survival Kit

It doesn't take something as extreme as a plane breaking open to cause flight delays. A missing flight crew, bad weather, or just bad luck can leave you stranded in the purgatory of the airport where time drags on and there's nothing but nitrate-choked fast food nearby for sustenance. It happens to the most organized of travelers, even those with spotless karma. Here's how to make the best out of a bad situation. ...more

I used to be an iPad hater, but when my flight in ORD was canceled after traveling for hours ...more

I'll Have the Can, Hold the Cup

Somewhere over the Grand Canyon at 30,000 feet -- I was sipping from a plastic cup of cool water. The flight attendant swept by in short order with a plastic bag to collect the "trash." Not an hour later, along comes the metal cart (keep your knees and elbows in if you're on the aisle) with another drink service, and another hard plastic cup, including the funky-smelling, sandpaper-like logoed napkin. So what was wrong with the previous ones? I'd sipped from the cup which was completely unscathed, and never touched the napkin....more

Snacks on a Plane

It's up to you. Shell out for a craptastic plastic wrapped wad of nitrates (no, really, Pam, how DO you feel about airplane food) or sacrifice some of your hard earned carry-on space for edibles. And yes, it used to be easier before the war on liquids and the madness of charging for checked luggage. Once, before air travel was the horror it is today (and yes, I know, it's a miracle of engineering, blah blah blah) my pal C took me to the airport and handed me a beautifully packed box lunch full of Stuff You Want to Eat. It was awesome. ...more

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and second i envy you sitting next to that girl with the whole ...more

Travel beauty: five things you cannot live without on the plane

This is a compensated review from BlogHer, Mario Badescu, and Benefit. ...more

 I just purchased five tubes. THAT is how much I trust you, Holly Burns. Also it's like $.99 ...more