12 Simple Steps for Surviving Airport Security

 A Dozen Simple Steps to Make the Airport Experience More Pleasant for ALL of Us!Who among us look forward to the prospect of going to the airport, let alone going through security? OK, a resounding, are you kidding? But, if you love to travel and are going to travel, it goes with the territory....more

Getting Thru Airport Security During the Holidays...Without Losing Your Mind!

Aaaargh!  Airport travel can be such a pain…all in the name of keeping us safe.  When the 9/11 Terrorist Attack first hit, I had to travel the following week for business.  I remember thinking:  ”I don’t care what rules the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) comes up with; I’ll do anything they want, as long as it keeps us safe.”  And I meant it....more

Full-Body Scanners and "Friendly" Pat-Downs: How to Negotiate Airport Security

The holiday travel season is upon us. Between booking travel, buying gifts and organizing the family, who’s got time to even think about the latest airport security procedures? But if you’ve been hearing the word "pat-down" in the news -- yes, it means what you think it means. ...more

I just wrote an article on Blogher about the sexual molestation/rape aspect of this as well. You ...more

Scenes from an Airport Part 2 (Read this to feel like a better mother.)

I pushed Parker into the airport in The Stroller. I had a giant bag flung over my shoulder. I had to get upstairs in order to begin The Security Process and get to our gate. My eyes scanned the area for an elevator sign, a recessed hallway of elevators, anything that looked like an elevator area. All I could see were restroom signs and Escalators. I’m sure if I had tried to look harder and pushed The Stroller around and around I would have found the secret, hard-to-find elevator for families and old women. But, no....more

Airport-Convenient Footwear and Other Things to Wear When You Travel

I'm going to be THAT girl for a second. The one who admonishes, though not to be mean but as a way of constructive criticism. I want to make your life easier. I want to make your travel experience better. So work with me here. ...more

Heather, I like your choice of the Keens for travel for several reasons: I'm wearing them right ...more

Transport Canada vs Terrorism

As the Olympic athletes, fans and media descend on our fair city of Vancouver and many Vancouverites  prepare to leave, the airport is making sure security is ready for all those would be terrorists. We have been on alert since December when Detroit and Northwest Airlines inadvertently played host to a nut case that decided to load his underwear with more than the traditional package sported by males. As a result we Canadians were only allowed to carry on the essentials; medications, canes,wallet, laptop and camera....more

Business Travelers' Pet Peeves

According to a survey published in USA Today, what irks business travelers’ the most when they are on the road are:* Flight delays 51%* Being away from loved ones 33%* Not getting a restful sleep 30%* Airport security 27%The USA Today survey was taken before the Christmas Day 2009 ‘underwear bomber’ incident, so airport security may rate a lot higher now, but the overall pet peeves will probably remain the same....more

#TSAFAIL: It's Not Funny Any More

Today, DHS's Napolitano's response to the crotchbomber: "We're looking to make sure that this sort of incident cannot recur." But the TSA's response to Abdulmutalib's attempt makes one thing clear: We must stop pretending the TSA is making us safer. -- Gizmodo ...more

In the security industry, things like taking your shoes off, and the 3 oz limits get refered ...more

Dear TSA: Please Don't Take Our Underwear

So I imagine I'm not alone in worrying about the recent airline terrorist exploding underpants bomb attempt and subsequent discussions about tighter TSA restrictions for arline cabin activity. Buzz has included possible rule changes limiting bathroom or out-of-seat breaks at the end of flights and fewer allowed carry-ons and electronics.If you really want to see violence, take away all of the laptops and iPods that we use to cope with the cattle call of airplane travel. It could get ugly, fast....more

I recall the reports stating that full body scanners, not strip searches, being the main mode ...more

"Skiing" Through Airport Security

What’s the biggest hold-up when trying to get through airport security? Is it other travelers or the Transportation Security Administration’s keep-us-safe procedures? I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately and would have to say it’s often other travelers slowing me down. Which is why I'm intrigued by a new TSA program that could seperate travelers by speed and expertise. Not that some travelers are intentionally slow. Maybe they packed more than three ounces of shampoo in their carry-on. Or, their computer is buried under stacks of notes, papers and cords making it nearly impossible to dig out. Perhaps it was super-cold when they left their house at oh-dark-thirty in the morning. That would explain the coat, sweater, scarf and heavy boots they're now trying to lose. Jeez. ...more