Travel Tips: How To Pack and Fly Like a Pro

After I wrote about our travel snacks and how airline travel has changed, it made me think about how I prepare for my trips. I mostly fly for work trips. If my husband and I are traveling for pleasure, we drive unless we have the opportunity to turn a work trip into a vacation like we did in San Francisco. While I was sitting at dinner tonight, I thought about the tips I use to keep myself sane while traveling on airlines. ...more
Excellent advice. I'll add this: Check to make sure Homeland Security or some other agency ...more

Strange Customs

I'm not trying to be disrespectful. I'm just thrifty.My husband swallowed a laugh as the customs agent replied that I would have to give the banana peel to the Agricultural Inspection Agent.Beginning to comprehend the gravity of our situation, I quickly stuffed the banana into my mouth, passing the rest to my ever-helpful husband....more
henmom Thank you! You just wrote the first comment I've ever received on BlogHer!! Get yourself ...more

An Open Letter (and photos) to United, Jet Blue and Newark Airport

Most people who come to this blog know that I'm an enthusiastic and frequent traveler but my last trip really tested my nerves. It all but left me wanting to become a recluse and never venture out again. Folks, the skies are no longer friendly and, worse yet, they really don't give a s**t once you've paid your money. Downright incompetence and mistruths reign. ...more

Zero Turbulence

Walking through the doors of SFO, I always feel like I'll be swallowed by the TSA system or trampled by the masses of people moving and waiting to get to their destination. I'm a die-hard pessimist, when it comes to airports. I'm always expecting the worst, but deep down hoping for the best. There's usually some glitch, especially traveling with a toddler. I pray it's only minor and nothing major, like having our seats relocated at the last minute and being separated. ...more

U.S. Customs To Recognize Same-Sex Families At Borders

Breaking News: With very little heads-up, there has been a change in policy regarding the processing of same-sex families through United States customs, though I could find no official press release anywhere. Image: CBP Photography via Flickr ...more
Well, Hello!!   No, actually, this it a great step. This brings same-sex marriage more in the ...more

The "ahem" glamour of air travel

I do not like planes.I do not like them in the airI do not like them on the ground.I do not like them anywhereBut how else can I get around? (my apologies to Dr. Seuss)...more

Flying With Family

“Oh no,” said DorkyDad. “What a terrible start to a holiday.” We had just been treated to the sight of Alex Salmond, recently off a flight from London, strutting through Edinburgh airport. For a man in a crumpled suit, he exuded an extraordinary air of arrogance....more

Removing airport meltdowns from your travel equation

  Part of successful travel with autistic persons is the ability of the care givers to foresee and prepare for those scenarios that can trigger those dreaded meltdowns .Here is the list that I have compiled over the years based on past incidents that has helped us prevent ou...more

Just an Old Fashion Girl

 When my husband, Marc, and I went to Florida in January, my mom gave him a gift card for a music and video store for his birthday. Before she drove us to the airport, she took us to the mall, so Marc could use his present.  When we reached the airport, we had some time to kill because our flight was delayed. Marc decided to use the opportunity to open up all the CDs and DVDs he just got to better check them out. The plastic wrapping was stubborn, and didn't easily come off....more

I think I have a new use for that pencil! But, you are right....There is nothing better for a ...more

Delayed Again? Your Flight Survival Kit

It doesn't take something as extreme as a plane breaking open to cause flight delays. A missing flight crew, bad weather, or just bad luck can leave you stranded in the purgatory of the airport where time drags on and there's nothing but nitrate-choked fast food nearby for sustenance. It happens to the most organized of travelers, even those with spotless karma. Here's how to make the best out of a bad situation. ...more

I used to be an iPad hater, but when my flight in ORD was canceled after traveling for hours ...more