Check???? Mate!!!!!

In every couple one person is more of the planner.  That person is more organized than their partner.    They may keep to-do lists or detailed calendars. They may have rituals like always putting something in the same place as not to forget it.  In other words, they are more anal their spouse.  In my marriage, hands down, my husband, Marc, is that person.  Sometimes it seems like he has lists for his lists, while I usually fly by the seat of my pants....more

Memories from the Holocaust: Where Were You in the Camps?

 "Only one bathroom?" The woman behind me looked ahead, at the half-dozen other passengers waiting for the tiny toilet to be available. I smiled and nodded, raising my eyebrows in a what can you do? kind of way....more

I'm sitting her at 9am in L.A. and I'm just so blown away by this I can't move. My father ...more

Good News for Travelers to Italy

You may have noticed I’ve been playing hooky for awhile, but, hopefully all will be forgiven as I have been picking up great experiences for the blog…But first, the good news (which does not include finding snackpack-sized Oreos in every airport and bar these days. Although it was seriously about time. I think Marco Polo even with his 20 year stint in China brought noodles here sooner). ...more

5 Secrets the Most Cunning Airline Passengers Will Never Tell You

If you’re like the majority of air travelers, you probably head to the airport, report to the check in, and let the powers-that-be at your airline direct you through the rest of the process. But did you ever stop to think: maybe that’s not good enough? What about those friends and co-workers of yours who always so comfortable and collected when they’re preparing to fly, and never seem to get slammed by an unexpected delay or a last-minute terminal change? What secrets are they hiding from you? ...more

This is probably the best content we've had on WomenCo in a month. I'd really like to hear some ...more