Wind Farms and Bike Lanes? Not In My Neighbourhood

I think wind farms are a great alternative source of energy. However, I do understand people ...more

When Your Parents Divorce After You're All Grown Up

The news that Al and Tipper Gore were separating didn't shock me. Divorce happens. It did break my heart, but not necessarily for the couple themselves. My heart broke for their four adult children. A month and a half ago, my parents separated. I am 29 years old. They have been married for 30 years. My world is upside down. ...more
namewhocares starstar I found at at my grandmother's funeral that my parents were separated due ...more

Tipper and Al Gore Separate: Discussing Other People's Marriages

And I think for the majority of Americans, our fascination with the Gore's separation comes from that space of wonder. A couple who had weathered through so many high-pressure storms and came through seemingly unscathed, suddenly separate in a period of calm. ...more

I think you've touched on something here. Rather than trying to discern the reason--when we ...more

Over The Meadow And Through The Woods

In this story I am the grandmother and it’s my house that’s in the woods.  But that wasn’t where I headed for Thanksgiving.  I drove away from my northern California redwood forest, as I often do, to spend Thanksgiving in the city with my daughter and granddaughter.   ...more

Earth Promise: Our Green Hero

President Obama has chosen the ideal person to fight both poverty and pollution at the same time–Van Jones. ...more

Happy Earth Day: My How We've Changed!

I met my husband because of the first Earth Day  I was covering all the "movement people" for CBS News - they had hired me because I knew all the 60s anti-war leaders - so when Earth Day emerged, I was assigned to the 'treehuggers" too. ...more

Great story. I think that it's great that more people are getting involved.


North Korean Rocket Launch Challenges Obama and UN Leadership

North Korea made good on its announced intentions to launch a rocket believed capable of carrying long-range missiles this weekend, defying  a 2006 UN Security Council resolution banning its use of nuclear or ballistic missile weaponry. Despite a call for a "strong response" from Pres. ...more

Things I've learned on Twitter

As I convalesced this weekend from Day 9 of a terrible cold that just won't let go, the Thin Air Summit took place in Denver. Thanks to Twitter, I almost feel like I was there. I was tweet-reading in real-time. But you don't need to be there in the moment. A quick search for #tas08 on Twitter and you find a ton of posts. Tweets on sessions, tweets on insights, tweets on new acquaintances.... ...more

More Choices Than Ever Before – The Alternative Cars of the Future

America imports about 70 percent of its oil, costing over $700 billion dollars a year. This last summer, Al Gore challenged America to “commit to producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years.” We know that the energy crisis will not solve itself; therefore, we must do what we can to reach this goal and free America from its dependency. This year, the Santa Monica AltCar Expo featured nearly one hundred energy efficient vehicles as well as demonstrated new cleaner technologies. Attendees were able to ride and drive many of the vehicles on display, allowing them to see and feel the difference. For those of you who missed out, the Expo will also be held at the Palmers Event Center in Austin, Texas October 17 and 18. ...more

Live blog chat of DNC '08

Come join us for live blog discussion of Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Denver! Chat starts at 8:30 pm EDT and goes 'til... Click here to join in. ...more