Update: When a judge rules a divorced mom's an unfit parent because of cancer

Comparing one family court judge's custody ruling to King Solomon's choice, New York Times columnist Lisa Belkin delves into the complex issues of the recent custody battle involving a divorced mom with stage four breast cancer in the post ...more

Divorced mom loses custody of kids due to cancer diagnosis

Should not knowing how long a divorced mom with cancer will live be grounds for losing custody of her kids? The truth is NO ONE ever knows how long they will live, but evidently North Carolina family court judge Nancy Gordon believes that stage four breast cancer makes Alaina Giordano's health status so unpredictable that her cancer diagnosis is grounds for removing kids from her home....more

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Alaina's ...more

Alaina Giordano's Battles: Cancer, Child Custody and Court Precedents

As a mother, I can imagine no worse diagnosis than being told that I have Stage 4 breast cancer. However, a North Carolina mother has found out that there is something worse than that diagnosis: losing your children because of your cancer. Alaina Giordano is experiencing this horrific nightmare while continuing to fight for her life....more

This is just ridiculous and scary! more