BlogHer Writing Lab: Recent Purchase

What was your most recent purchase? Show us a picture and tell us the story....more

Nature Photo Challenge, Day 7

Day 7 of 7 - While I have many photographs of our trip to Alaska, this has to be one of my favorites. The timing of the riverboat turning and the double rainbow was perfect....more
Well that is one nice rainbow. We rarely see it at my hometown anymore.more


Forget polar bears, high adventure, and extreme weather -- in Alaska you can watch ice!  Or at least watch it crack.  Or at least wait around, to watch it, get ready to crack.  Every year hoards of folk pay to guess the exact time and date the frozen Tanana River in Nenana, Alaska, will crack.  There is a clock connected by a cable to a tripod that is anchored in the ice.  When the river ice cracks, the tripod tips, pulls the cable, and stops the clock.  Wa-la!  We have a winner!...more

#ThankfulThursday on a Sunday: Gold Rush

With NaBloPoMo taking effect, I'm moving some things around... It's that time of year that everyone tries to become a little more thankful. At least, the time of year that they tend to broadcast what they're thankful for on various forms of social media. I'm no different in that regard, so I thought every Thursday of November I'm going to post a random -something- I'm thankful for. The twist is that I'm sarcastic and not very serious, so be prepared for no posts about family, friends, and dogs. Maybe a little about the dogs. But NaBloPoMo....more

The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen And Fall Camping

We started off this weekend with a great date night to an awful movie, Pacific Rim. Possibly the worst movie I have watched all the way until the end. Luckily, we were at the Blue Loon and therefore had enough beer to make watching this movie bearable.  Also, the bartender was hysterical. As soon as we walked in, she  started calling Travis,"Michael Cera."  (He also often is told he looks like Jesse Eisenberg or "that facebook movie guy" or "that Zombieland guy.") She was impressed with his ability to eat our entire pizza (minus the slice I had) in about ten minutes....more

36 Dollar Honeymoon

"I can book our honeymoon flights for the morning after the wedding, it will cost us $36 dollars. And we get to fly first class, so we are talking free drinks, extra leg space, and nice headphones."  We are talking about flights to Puerto Rico. Frequent flier miles are worth it.  Granted, we will have to buy our flights to the wedding as well as home from the honeymoon, but still, that's a big chunk right there.  I should say, Travis gets a lot of credit for this wedding....more

Just A Day

It's about that time of year again and I'm irrationally excited about winter. Weird, I know, but I'm sure I'll be tired of it soon enough. The picture attached to this post is the view from the front door of my camp. That polar bear I saw was wandering about near the tires and tank thing you see in the right of the shot. To the left you can see where we park the trucks. Just to give you an idea how close it was....more

Tiny The T-Rex: Life As A Woman In The Oilfield

Being a female on a rig is not really that different from going to engineering school. Admittedly, the ratio is even more skewed but its not that far from what I am used to. If anything, I'm treated better than any other new guy. Really, roughnecks are just a bunch of teddy bears. Not crazy intimidating thus far. Yesterday during a break I had several guys showing me loads of baby pictures getting all sorts of extra excited. It was a "Look how adorable my kid is, his kid isn't as cute! I'll show you an even better picture..." type of moment....more

Lions and Tigers and Bears. But Really Just Bears

Instead of catching a few hours of sleep for yet another ridiculously long day of travel, I am sitting in my room on an adrenaline high, occasionally peering out of my window watching for polar bears. This epitomizes a typical Miriam incident. Something rare that everyone blows off with, "Meh, I've done this for ten years, never seen anything like that," but then happens to me almost immediately. ...more

I Didn't Choose the Rig Life, the Rig Life Chose Me.

I just really wanted to use that phrase. I want it on a t-shirt. The other day I realized my life has gone in some really unexpected directions. The moment happened as I was parked (in the largest pickup I've ever driven) in the middle of the road waiting for ducks to finish crossing (because they have the right of way up here on the slope) with the arctic ocean off to my right while on my way out to the oil rig I'm currently working at. I'm not complaining, but a few years back, I never would have guessed this would be my life....more