Aaaaand Back To Alaska

I managed to get back to Alaska after two months in Houston.  I don't know how I did it but I managed to fit everything in two checked bags and two carry-on bags.  And my luggage definitely weighed more than I do but I got everything home.  We had a graduation ceremony before I left Texas.  So I had to get all dressed up and meet boss people.  It turned out to be pretty cool. I got to meet one of the VP's (the head of the Baroid product service line). He happened to have gone to Mines for his undergrad degree.  That made my day....more

Camping Trip

Today I was severely chastised for not writing in my blog. I could lie and say I've been crazy busy but really I just got lazy. Oops. In my defense I instead spent time harassing Travis into posting pictures of his trip to Cordova instead. I promise next time I'll write about my Houston adventures, but I'll forget camping if I don't do it first!...more

ATVs, Yak Burgers & Sketchy Bars

This past weekend we decided to go rafting. So we called up a tour service and were told the rivers are still frozen due to this epic winter. So we decided to go four-wheeling instead. We drove down to Healy, right outside Denali park. Healy is a tiny little town (it really consists of a coal mine, a gas station, and a campground) but it has a great brewery, 49th State, that happens to serve my favorite beer ever. We had dinner there, I had a yak burger (really, yak!) and their wee-heavy scottish ale (that’s my favorite ever). Then we picked up serious amounts of 49th state gear....more

Walking The Walk And Talking The Talk

I fall into the tourist trap no matter how often I travel. I still buy overpriced fudge from Estes. I collect as many unique stickers as I can because I need them on my nalgene. Or I find matchboxes, pens, coasters cool little unidentifiable things….if they’re free I’m sneaking away five just in case. And I have a particular weakness for purses and sweatshirts, the more pockets they have, the better to hide all my other souvineers in so I can wander out looking casually local. I’m also the one stopping to take bad pictures of everything....more

Beating Yurt Fever

Even though the winters are dark and cold here, we did go outside when we could to get rid of that cabin (or more correctly, yurt) fever feeling....more

No Place Like Home

Back from the north slope! The flight back to Anchorage was quick and I passed the time doing Sudoku, reading war of the worlds,and having my two beers. As soon as I got to Anchorage I had to go get my checked baggage, recheck it, and head through security again for my second flight. But the Anchorage to Fairbanks flight is always incredibly quick, only about 40 minutes including take off and landing. Midnight is light now! It’s starting to warm up here but winter is still dragging on....more

Camping At 40 Below

They say you have to be a little crazy to live up here. They might just be right. This winter Travis and I had the brilliant idea to go camping. While you could probably argue it was not technically camping, I would think it counts because it was a wood stove heated, dry cabin, in the winter. We took an air mattress, cooking supplies, games, the first batch of home brewed beer, pretty much the normal camping stuff. We bought Roxi a new poofy red coat for the occasion in addition to her winter booties....more

List Time

Things I’m looking forward to once I leave the slope…....more


I’m quite sure there’s a lot left to learn about my job. I’ll be mostly out working on drilling rigs, or at least that’s the current plan. This little mini hitch has me at the mud plant here on the slope. This is where all the fluids used on rigs (or “mud”) is made. Obviously, I can’t go into too much detail but there are all sorts of formulations for making different final products that are made here before being shipped out customers on rigs....more

Don't Take Pictures Of The Polar Bears

WFHMLOCM. That stands for “Working for Halliburton means lots of confusing acronyms.” Because it does. There are acronyms for everything and some are almost identical but mean different things. BBP, JSA, HOC, PPE, and the list goes on. It’s taking a bit to catch on, but you hear everything repeated so often that you start to pick it up pretty quickly. One little thing I learned, my weeks on are called a hitch....more