I'm all over the place today (because of my mom)

Blog Directory My mom is driving me all over the place today so I've tacked on a map all the places I'd rather be than her nagging me about my hair getting in my way, about me not wearing make-up, for slouching, for fore-going any dates and falling asleep before nine pm....more

The SpokenCoast Project: Wheelie bag donation request

Originally published May 23, 2011 on http://spokencoast.org.My body feels much like the cracked plastic of my truck’s blinker light this morning. At least I could easily buy the truck part & replace it. Not so much with my shoulder & neck.  ...more

Hitting the "Trail"

Yesterday after dinner, we decided to head out once again for a walk. This time, we headed for the treeline. See the Rest......more

Live from Alaska: Frozen pipes, bachelors on credit and suggestive pizza

Scenes from my recent trip to the Talkeetna Bachelors Auction and Wilderness Woman Competition: Some friends and I arrived late Friday afternoon, driving directly into a blizzard. But after watching the Parade of Lights we knew we’d be able to get back out of town on Sunday: Among the vehicles in the parade were eight snowplows....more

Sarah and Kate go camping...sort of.

Last night on Sarah Palin's reality show, she and her family went camping with Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids. I knew it would be a disaster, hence the reason I watched it. I just didn't realize that I would come out of it with some respect for Sarah Palin, and even more disdain for Kate Gosselin....more


We weren't even in the humongous box store five minutes when I felt a tug on my hoodie sleeve.  I smiled down at my five-year-old son."Yes?""Mom?  The clues for the Easter basket scavenger hunt.  They were made on a computer."I raised an eyebrow.  "And?"...more

Fur-Flying Smackdown with Sarah Palin: Mama Bear v. Kate Gosselin

Critics are arguing over what labels to assign Sarah Palin's new television show. According to Business Insider, ratings for Sarah Palin's Alaska have been plummeting since the curiosity over the premiere subsided. Perhaps TLC is banking that fans of reality shows mashups and other trainwrecks will be drawn to watching the obvious disaster of Kate Plus Eight on Sarah's turf. ...more

I love trash TV as much as the next gal but we don't even own a TV so apparently I'm way behind ...more

Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Dear Sarah, This post is not about my political beliefs.  This letter is from one mother to another....more

(UPDATED) Lisa Murkowski: From Establishment to Outsider in the Alaska Race

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has no business being an outsider, write-in candidate fighting to be re-elected....more

Old Spice Parodies Get Political With "Hello Voters"

Grover on Sesame Street -- "I'm on a cow." The "Will It Blend?" guys -- "I'm in a lab coat." And now Joe Miller of Alaska hops on the Old Spice boat. Is he worthy of being the man your man could vote like? ...more