Dear Friend: An Open Letter About My Alcoholic Boyfriend

My significant other is an out of work, depressed alcoholic.It's Friday night right now. Like other Friday nights, when I got home from work today, he was already passed out drunk. In about an hour, he will stumble out of bed, into the kitchen looking for food and shovel it into his mouth. Afterwards he might stumble back into bed and not show his face for another few hours, at which point I will have already called it a night. Or he may wander around the apartment ranting about anything from Rob Ford to how he doesn't like a bunny that lives in the park beside our apartment....more
Wow - Love this! You've just shown me another side to this situation. An important side. Your ...more

Who Do You Do More For?

NaBloPoMo – BlogHer – March 2014Friday, March 21, 2014 Do you do more for yourself or for others?~~~~~~~~...more

A Time When I Felt Unsafe

Daily Prompt: Safety First by michelle w. on November 21, 2013...more

What threatens my sobriety - getting sober is one thing, staying sober is another.

Triggers threaten my sobriety. There will always be moments in my life where I will just want to get shit-faced drunk. I fantasize about it more often than I’d like to officially admit. I’m pretty sure I won’t ever actually do it, but in my wise old age of 34 I’ve learned that you can’t ever be too sure about anything and besides, cockiness is dangerous. My intention and mission in life is to stay sober, but if I want to maintain this I know I can’t just sit around and wish on it, I have to work hard at it....more

But For The Grace Of God Go I

I saw a man today begging for change at an intersection.  I witnessed the looks that people gave him, or I should say the way that most people attempted to avoid looking in his general direction.  As he stood there, with his head held up to ask the cars passing by for change, with his cup held in his hand you could see the pride. Not everyone has what it takes to ask someone to spare a dime.  It was when the cars continued to pass him by that you could see his face start to fall, knowing that at that moment society was ignoring him....more

The blessing is in the gift. What they choose to do with the gift is up to them. I usually give, ...more

Friends Are Forged in a Different Furnace Than Lovers

It's hard to make that space when someone you love is in danger. It doesn't matter what the danger is, the immediate response is to rush to them, pick them up, take them away and find a way to make everything fine. That's friendship. No questions. By land, air or sea, one word and friends are there with a .45 and shovel. ...more

Empowerment in the Face of Admitting Powerlessness in Addiction

My name is Alexis and I am an Alcoholic.  These are not easy words to say, nor have they been easy to say for the past 18 months, but they are words that have kept me alive & sane.  Each journey begins with a single step and the journey of recovery is no differerent.  Today I thought about the element of admitting that I was powerless over alcohol.  I don't have a problem with admitting that I had a "problem" with alcohol, that it controlled me and that because of it I have made some awful choices.  I did however take issue with the term powerless....more

Bless you Lexie, for being brave and committed. The voices will try to tell you you are worth ...more

I shouldn't watch Intervention.

I've been trying to write this since Friday night but I keep starting, and then stopping. Clearly I need to write about it or it wouldn't continue to bother me. I am the daughter of an alcoholic. And my daughter is as well. ...more

Thank you so much for the comment Rita. The cycle has repeated, but I'm lucky enough to be ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Maggie from Okay. Fine. Dammit.

Blogs are our faces to the world--very public faces. Even the most personal of bloggers are mindful of this. Our BlogHer of the Week, Maggie of Okay. Fine. Dammit. was aware of the potential backlash that could ensue by coming clean to her readers about her alcoholism, but she made an even richer outcome possible with her confession....more

I'm a Huge fan of Maggie, Dammit...and a recovering alcoholic. Bringing your addiction out into ...more


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