Love Letter 2

To the One, who got away...more

Hope and Bravery and Beginning Again

Once upon a time, when we were newly arrived in North Carolina by way of two years in Alaska, I was frustrated and stressed and we were out of money.See, when we left Alaska, I resolved to myself that I would no longer teach. Teaching was something that didn't bring me joy. It brought stress and frustration, but it also brought money that was much needed.And so, when we got to NC, I didn't apply for teaching jobs. I subbed, but my focus was elsewhere - I was looking for something else....more

I Would Rather Grow Old Alone Than Settle for Less

"You must learn to love yourself before you can truly love another."We've all heard these words of wisdom, but that never made any sense to me.  Love myself? Sure, I'm great. I dig me. So why did I suck at dating? What was it I wasn't getting? I was never a big dater when I was drinking.  I was terrified of having my heart broken again like it had been in 2005 from a boyfriend who didn’t turn out to be what he advertised.  And as my disease manifested itself, I lost all interest in men.  ...more

From the Trenches of Alcoholism

Alcoholism sucks. I know I'm not speaking from direct experience, but as one with a ring side seat, let me assure you that is absolutely awful. I can tell now. I know what to look for. And that fact alone has been hard won. It's come from emergency gallbladder surgery two years ago....more

What Will Others Think?

From UnPickled Blog:I recently changed my hair colour from (monthly-salon-visit) blonde to (do-it-myself) red. The change was mostly motivated by convenience, and perhaps Julianne Moore played a role, too. When I had an actual hair colour of my own it was strawberry blonde, so neither one feels to foreign to me....more

10 Reasons It Didn't Suck To Be Sober In Italy

Ashley - L'Esperta Thanks, Ashley. I became quite obsessed with cinnamon gelato in particular ...more

Perfect Hair

I went to bed at 9:00 p.m. that night. Exhausted after a long week on the road. At 10:30 p.m. my phone rang and I ignored it. At 10:32 p.m. my phone rang again and I turned it off. At 11:00 p.m. I awoke to my husband gently shaking me and telling me I needed to get up. He’d been in another town visiting friends when he got the call. He made the two hour trip home to be sure that he was the one who broke the news. My mother had been institutionalized after an attempted suicide and would be held in the facility until someone came to claim her....more

The Lame Blame Shame Game

I posted this Wednesday (below in italics along with image of butterflies) this week on my Facebook page. I am trying to be braver and more honest by allowing my true voice to emerge.  It has emerged -- always been there -- I just have not allowed myself to share the voice openly.  I like to write live so social media and blogging really works for me....more

The Sobriety Resolution: 7 Realizations in 1 Year

In November of 2013 I read a story by David Sedaris that made me think about my own drinking.  In the story his sister continuously brought home men that had the similar whisky and cigarette smell of their father....more

Whew! Looking Back on a Month of Daily Posts

 After 30 posts in 30 days, I am please to say I have successfully completed NaBloPoMo 2014.My goals were to develop a more structured writing discipline and grow my blog. Check and check....more