Mom in her 40s

Mom died too young of ovarian cancer.  I miss her.  She taught me the important things.  Be kind.  Think hard.  Never be afraid.  Care.  Tolerate differences.  Go out and play.  She tried to teach me to talk less and listen more.   Still working on that one, Mom.   P.S. enjoy this short audio created to honor mom:
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Dear Friend: An Open Letter About My Alcoholic Boyfriend

My significant other is an out of work, depressed alcoholic.It's Friday night right now. Like other Friday nights, when I got home from work today, he was already passed out drunk. In about an hour, he will stumble out of bed, into the kitchen looking for food and shovel it into his mouth. Afterwards he might stumble back into bed and not show his face for another few hours, at which point I will have already called it a night. Or he may wander around the apartment ranting about anything from Rob Ford to how he doesn't like a bunny that lives in the park beside our apartment....more
Wow - Love this! You've just shown me another side to this situation. An important side. Your ...more

Why I Believe in Sugar and Prozac

A couple of things:I am sick of hiding the other issues I deal with on here.  Totally fucking sick of it.  I’ve been told a bunch of times by a bunch of people that I need to edit what I put on here, but I just don’t think that’s my shtick.  I think my shtick is to tell the truth and help people by telling said truth....more

Existing in a World My Dad Doesn’t

Fourteen years ago today my daddy died. The years go by but the story remains the same....more
Another Housewife melaflin  6 months today......hard so hard.  thank you for writing.more

The Dream of a Perfect Family: One Woman Tries to Remake Her Troubled History

It's the most wonderful time of the year: that time when we get together with our loved ones… and sometimes grit our teeth and bear it. We all hope for happy family memories, but sometimes that's just not what life has in store for us. ...more

Because I'm in Rehab

When I was in rehab, I made sure I mentioned that fact to everyone I met.To the checker at the grocery store down the road: "Could you double bag this 24-pack of soda? I have to walk, because I'm in rehab."To the passenger next to me on the Coaster: "I'm very excited to be taking a day trip! See, I'm in rehab, so I don't get to go out much."...more
Yes, in fact as I was watching the series I kept thinking to myself, "Man, this sounds ...more


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How loneliness kills alcoholics.

How loneliness kills alcoholicsJuly 15, 2013by Veronica Valli...more

Are you frightened too?

Are you frightened too?...more

Movie Review: Smashed (2012)

Directed by: James PonsoldtWritten by: James Ponsoldt and Susan BurkeRated: RRunning Time: 81 min Cast: Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Kate HannahAaron Paul: Charlie HannahNick Offerman: Dave DaviesMegan Mullally: Principal BarnesOctavia Spencer: Jenny ...more