When I lost my iron-fisted control of my life recently (again, by the way) I had myself a temper fit.“Fine!” I declared. “Just fine!”Apparently, I had overreached. Who did I think I was kidding anyway? Trying to rise above my station and all. I had no business getting all uppity and such. No wonder it all fell apart (again.) I had been delusional....more

Charlie Sheen BobbleHead Makes Me Break My Promise

Note to reader: there are images of said bobblehead but I didn't want to post for fear of not having permission issues....more

My Daughter's Anxiety: I Know How She Feels

Last week Greta had a sore throat that wasn't going away, so we went to the doctor to get a strep test. We've been at the doctor a lot this winter -- recurring sore throats that are sometimes strep, sometimes not.   We have spent a lot of time sitting in the exam room, waiting for the results of the strep culture. ...more
Well written. Sounds like you are doing a great job dealing with the situation.more

Empowerment in the Face of Admitting Powerlessness in Addiction

My name is Alexis and I am an Alcoholic.  These are not easy words to say, nor have they been easy to say for the past 18 months, but they are words that have kept me alive & sane.  Each journey begins with a single step and the journey of recovery is no differerent.  Today I thought about the element of admitting that I was powerless over alcohol.  I don't have a problem with admitting that I had a "problem" with alcohol, that it controlled me and that because of it I have made some awful choices.  I did however take issue with the term powerless....more

Bless you Lexie, for being brave and committed. The voices will try to tell you you are worth ...more