The Cure= Dates, Drinks, and Dancing

When  a break up happens it is hard to get over it. Trust me, it is hard.  I love how people try to act like it isn't that bad... It is. Well, I have the cure. Sit back, take notes, and never feel heartbreak again....more

An Anniversary...

I'd hate to look back on my life at age 40... Or even 30 and be told"You never really gave love a fair shot again."This site wasn't created for me to complain about my Ex boyfriend. But it was just as much about becoming more optimistic as it was about becoming optimistic in love again.  I'm watching the Coldplay concert right now so I'm sorry if I sound a bit melancholy."I was scared, I was scaredTired and underprepared...Singing please, pleaseCome back and sing to me,to me..." -Coldplay, "In My Place"...more

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself… (I <3 Men in D.C.)

I have been gone too long, for that I will apologize. But, a lot has happened. So, allow me to reintroduced my self I am BOY CRAZY!!  I don’t know what is going on with me. I find myself drifting off during the day.  The only thing on my mind… BOYS!...more

The Art of the Dinner Date

In an effort to seem adventurous and not boring, men are turning away from the dinner date.  I am a young lady who likes to eat, so this evolution away from the traditional dinner date isn't exactly exciting.  I like to eat.  I get hungry.  I want 4 meals a day......more

An Older Man

Have you seen the film ...more

Jumping the Broom is All Over the Place

This past Mother's Day weekend I went to see Jumping the Broom.  I was pleased to see a Black film in theaters and, of course I decided to support.  My grandmother summed up the film in one word, "trite."  But, let me examine the film closer, because there were pros and cons....more

First, I'm assuming that you are joking. If you aren't then, "No" you wouldn't be racist you ...more

Girl Code

When a group of girls get together it can be a recipe for crazy fun trouble!  But, I would be lying if I said that it was drama free.  In order to avoid the drama my girls and I have devised a list of the major girl code rules and regulations.  These rules may not work for you, but they have worked for me… 1....more

Not every woman wants you...

Most of my headaches could be removed if men weren’t so conceited.  Men think everything is about them.  If you call a lot your obsessed with them.  If you want to take a picture your obsessed.  If you want to hang out you have a crush.  OMG!...more

The Perfect Gift For Him

        In my opinion women scratch their heads just as much as men do when Christmas rolls around.  I actually think girls are easier to buy for than men.  When you walk in a mall the majority of the stores you find are for females so the options are endless… For men things get a little tricky.  They don’t only get tricky; they get expensive too!...more

Do You Remember Prom?

Today's Post on Real Talk Prom was so epic.  I went to 2 proms: junior prom and senior prom.  Looking back it was so major, but in the grand scheme of life it was so insignificant.  So why is it that so many people place such a high price on an event that lasts 4 hours?  If you didn’t notice the photo, that is me; prom 2006.  I had a blast.  I really did!  I enjoy dancing so I think RJ and I just danced the...more