Alfajores with homemade Dulce de Leche

My mother has been visiting us in the UK for the past few weeks and so I have taken the opportunity of baking a few Latin American recipes with her and seeing if the results lived up to our the food memories! One of the thing we re-created very successfully were Alfajores....more

Learning to "bring it" one Argentinian cookie at a time

“Is anybody else here bringing it today besides me?” asks Jungle Boy* every time he steps into a classroom at the Culinary Institute of America. This becomes a completely normal question if you have the pleasure of learning menu development through the eyes of Professor Raimundo Gaby.  Born deep in the Amazon and raised in the trenches of New York City’s best restaurants, he is now one of the highly educated and accomplished business management instructors at the CIA.  And by far the most inspirational.  With every breath he exudes an energy I could only dream of possessing for even five minutes.  He is always bringing it – striving to take it to a higher level, whatever it may be at the moment....more