Alias and Nostalgia

We've been snowed in since Friday. There's nothing good on TV on the weekends and I've just wanted to zone out a bit, so I decided to re-watch Alias from the beginning (thanks, Netflix!). As I write this, I'm nearly halfway through season 2....more

Study Shows Pseudonyms Lead to the Best Comments

Mashable recently reported on an interesting study done by the commenting mechanism, Disqus. Disqus discovered that "Commenters who use pseudonyms tend to offer better comments." Which opens up a new thread in the ongoing debate about using real names instead of aliases on the Internet. This is coming on the heels of Google+ also announcing that they're finally going to be allowing people to utilize a pseudonym provided it is an established alias and not a newly created one. ...more
This is fascinating.   I use my real name, but I would probably speak much more openly about ...more

Saying Goodbye to an Online Alias

In May of 2005, I joined my first on-line forum to talk to and learn from other women trying to become mothers in unconventional ways. I sat and looked at the screen asking for a username for twenty minutes. A wave of anxiety washed over me and I knew that I could not, would not be using my real name in this forum. No harm. No one uses their real name. ...more
Gracie is my alter-ego. She's much more outgoing than I am.  And i didn't want the people that ...more

O Cyrano, Cyrano, Wherefore Art Thou Cyrano?

Island Girl scored freebie tickets to Broadway's limited run production of "Cyrano de Bergerac" a couple of weeks ago and was kind enough to invite me to go along. The play stars the wonderful Kevin Kline and the lovely Jennifer Garner of "Alias" fame. No sooner was I ready to write a review of the show than the stagehands went out on strike and shut down the play. Well now the strike is over, here are my thoughts. "Cyrano de Bergerac" was written by Edmond Rostand and is about a 17th century Frenchman with a hankering for his beautiful and cultured cousin Roxane. A consummate charmer, Cyrano has a fine way with a sword and an even finer way with words from the heart. He also happens to have a humongous nose. We're talking Pinocchio on a bad day. And because of his prominent protrusion, Cyrano is a bit of an insecure mess. He likes to pick fights, seems to have a bit of a death wish, but is quite courageous as well. Except of course when it comes to matters of the heart. Megan's Minute. ...more