RIP, Ann B. Davis: What Alice on 'The Brady Bunch' Taught Me About Parenting

I swear I could faintly hear the collective "aw" of humanity as I checked my Facebook news feed and learned that Ann B. Davis, better known as Alice from The Brady Bunch, had died at 88. ...more
Wonderful words.  I will have to get the Brady Bunch box set when I have my first child! ;)more

Sleep "Problems"

People always say enjoy your children while you can, they grow up so fast. One moment they are dependent on you for their every need, the next they want to do everything on their own. Our oldest daughter has always been very independent. As soon as she could do something on her own, and even well before, she wanted no help or advice. Even as a baby this was clearly part of her personality. I enjoyed singing and rocking her to sleep, but by five months old she would have none of it! I placed her in her crib alone, closed the door, and she went fast to sleep. Already Mom wasn't needed....more
I think you may be right on the money. Certainly not every instance has been one of night ...more

"When We Need Reminding Sometimes The Universe Knocks" -the story of a brave 15 year old by Tracey Jackson


"L Word" Co-Creators Michele Abbott and Kathy Greenberg Break Their Silence

There are women who want to be noticed, and women who prefer do the noticing. That’s something I couldn’t help but observe while interviewing Michele Abbott and Kathy Greenberg in the bar at the Chateau Marmont recently. ...more

Rise Up, You Hung-Over, Dorito-Stuffed, Dip-Stained, Sacrificial Lesbi-Lambs!

To sum up the way many, if not most, viewers of The L Word's finale feel this morning, I need only steal a line of dialogue from Alice Pieszecki: "Thank you and fuck you." ...more

It was really awful. But now, at least my 'I Killed Jenny Schecter' shirt will never be ...more

Tired is as Tired Does

Tired is as Tired Does Monday finds me so tired that I can't even describe it as "tired" anymore. I am supposed to give up caffeine because my blood pressure is too high. Way to high for someone who doesn't smoke, exercises regularly, and is in the "healthy" range for weight. I don't really have that much caffeine. So, I am starting with giving up my 2nd cup of coffee. Gotta start slow. No cold turkey for me. ...more

Charmed: Alice in Wonderland Series by Summerpoet Studios

[ Visit the WooMeOver BlingBlog for more tasty morsels of jewelry fashion. ] For a daytripper like me, Alice in Wonderland remains one of my favorite storybooks ever. I love Sir John Tenniel’s acid-laced illustrations from Lewis Carroll’s original. I love Disney’s dizzying, imaginative animation. ...more

Technology, Sex, and the Control of Women

In the past few weeks, two seemingly disparate events took place regarding control of female sexuality and technology. On April 4, The Telegraph reported that a Saudi woman was beaten, shot, and killed by her father when he discovered her chatting with a man on Facebook. Gizmodo published an interview with "Zoltan," a self-described "technosexual" who invented a robot who could consent to having sex with him because real women made him uncomfortable (and apparently said no). Both stories are interesting (and horrifying) juxtapositions of how technology can help break sex discrimination, and how they can reinforce old notions of the need to control women's behaviors. ...more

Very interesting your post, Suzanne. I´m going to translate an abstract in spanish, linking ...more