Grammy Highlights: Alicia Keyes and Adam Levine Burn Up Stage and More! [VIDEO]

My favorite part of the Grammys (aside from seeing Chris Brown lose to Frank Ocean because...*sigh*) are always the incredible musical matchups. Last night was no exception. Below, a few of my favorite Grammy moments, just waiting to be relived over a cup of coffee. ...more

In a Glee State of Mind: Highlights, Lowlights and New Directions

Glee is back with a snap for their second season, and it's clear that the writers and cast of the Fox favorite won't need any remedial classes to make up for skills lost over their extended summer summer break. The first episode of the season was funny and fast-paced with some new additions and smart turns already in play. ...more

Agree. Rachel's solo was jarring. Seemed like an add-on.more