Let's Start with the Boys

I've been keeping a journal of the boys antics for quite some time. Some of it good, some bad. Either way, I figure they would enjoy reading it, and probably deny most of it when they get older. Boys make me wonder. I can never understand them. They never seem to make much sense. As far as I can tell, none of them can sit still, and most of them would rather be tinkering around with the loose battery that's sitting on the table than doing their homework, (don't ask why there would be a battery sitting on the table, with my boys, who knows.). ...more

Eight is Enough!

For those following my blogs, you know that I have two beautiful boys, Jeffrey (4) and Tyler (6 days).  My parents have 8 grandchildren which is a blessing.  However, all 8 are boys.  You have got to see our get togethers.  Boys can really play rough. ...more