I quit shampoo.

It’s about time that I shared with all of you another little secret of mine. Are you ready for it? The secret is this: I haven’t used shampoo since February. That’s right. The last time I shampooed my hair there was snow on the ground....more

Lipglossd Mom interviews beauty expert, Rebekah George!

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege of interviewing beauty expert, Rebekah George over the phone! We covered the topics of: ...more

Jumping Off the All-Natural Bandwagon, and Why

You see it everywhere nowadays: food, cosmetics, clothing, laundry detergent - all with labels trumpeting the product's "All Natural!" status. The Cult of All Things Natural is huge in these days of growing environmental conscientiousness, and I, for one, am crying Bull Puckey and jumping off the bandwagon. Here's why....more
@Julie Adolf Hey Julie! I love heirlooms like you do and just want to say, "Hi!!" I wonder if ...more

Dry Skin and the Holidays

The holiday season can wreak havoc on your skin. And just in time to ruin your family portraits, of course. This all-natural mask is a savior. Avocado is truly an amazing fruit, great for guacamole dip of course, but you can also use it to moisturize your skin. Why go to a beauty spa and waste your money, when you can simply go to the supermarket? Avocados are naturally full of vitamin E, which is known to be great for your skin. Ingredients 1 whole avocadotwo tbsp. of honey Directions ...more