Sick (of) With Allergies

For the last 5-6 days, I've been experiencing a foggy head and dizziness, along with stomach sickness.  No, I'm not pregnant.  That question has been asked numerous times.  I first believed that it was something I had eaten, turkey.  Yes, I know, I did cheat and eat some turkey last week.  That's only because I had purchased it for my godson.  After he had gone home, I realized there was lots of turkey left, and didn't want it to go to waste.  ...more

What Happens When Dog Meets Pollen?

I think my dog might be allergic to pollen... You be the judge! *Click image to read full story*...more

The bees.

 We couldn’t have a real Christmas tree.We couldn’t have any pets.She had allergies.Mom said she was sick every Christmas until they realised, she had allergies.Grass, trees, pollen, pet hair and dust all made her sick. We were jumping up and down on the couch....oh, it was so much fun!We were with our cousins on our Nana’s porch.This old couch had always been on the porch but we had never jumped on it before!The adults were all inside and we were absolutely LOVING our freedom! ...more

Spring Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers


Pets with Allergies

Coffee, Cats n' Yarn; what else would we blog about?...more
Chamomile flower is popularly used a herbal medicine. It is widely used to relieve skin ...more

Crochet Allergies

This is my photo for my 365 project.  A close up of my little garden cherub that I kept inside instead so it wouldn’t get dirty....more
I never would have thought to make a circle in a strip doing first 1 side and then the other! ...more


Non-stop sneezing makes thinking - much less writing - an exercise in frustration....more