Easy Veggie Quinoa Recipe - Gluten Free and Top8 Free

This recipe makes enough for 6-8 servings. I make it for dinner and save the leftovers for lunch, breakfast, or a healthy snack. I place the leftovers inside the resealable plastic bag that I used to coat the veggies with oil to minimize waste and to avoid cleaning a container later. -1 red pepper, washed and sliced-1 yellow pepper, washed and sliced-1 sweet onion, sliced...more

Super Easy Cinnamon Rolls that happen to be VEGAN!

Super Easy Cinnamon Rolls!!  So easy-  a 9 year old can do it.  Yes, my son made these without any assistance.  I only supplied him with a recipe  and suggestion on how to roll it out onto the counter.  They were delicious!!...more
Those look super easy!more