The Curse of the Ugly Debit Card

So last night, Mackenzie sent me this image and then this (text) conversation really happened in my house: ...more

Do You WANT It, or Do You NEED It?

So, my brain is tired.  Ball games every night, working really hard getting my 4-H kids ready for the county fair, plus (trying) to keep up with the garden, the house, and the kids, I'm tired.  I have nothing new for you today except for an update from the idiots at Expedia .  It's at the bottom.  I didn't figure those twits deserved top billing.  I wrote a post back in March about WANT vs. NEED and teaching kids the difference. I really like it and think you will too.  Without further ado, please enjoy this re-post: ...more

Chores & Allowance: To Be or Not To Be? your kids have chores? Do they actually do them without complaint? If so, I want to hear your secret. We will be testing one on Monday (at my children's request - believe it or not). If you would like hear the whole story, check on my blog....more

How to Stop the "Mom, Can I have....?"

Do you ever get overwhelmed with these?Mom can I have …?Mom I want to go to …?Mom can we get …?I know I did.I found a couple of things that have really helped with this.Give your Child an Allowance...more
We have a chore chart, each star they receive earns them so many points, once they get twenty ...more


So you probably think that because I titled this post "Banks" it's going to be all about Occupy Wall Street and dissing capitalist pigs. Wrong! It is about banking, though, but banking at home, not in an institution. ...more

We're On A Budget. Should Our Kids Be, Too?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My husband and I have no choice but to tighten our financial belts right now. We’re cutting back on a lot of our normal activities and expenses in order to stay afloat.As part of our new financial plan, I think it’s become necessary to reduce our pre-teen sons’ allowance from $10 a week to $7. However, my husband doesn't agree and thinks that by doing so we’re “punishing” them. What do you say?Signed,On a Budget ...more

To Pay Or Not To Pay: Kids An Allowance

If your kids are doing their chores and homework, does that justify a weekly allowance? As a family member, helping out around the house should be expected, of course on the other hand, parents don't have to yell at their kids, which saves on stress for everyone. So, to pay or not to pay is a common parent dilemma.  ...more


Lately my son has been saying the most profound things to me. I want to write them down but he says them in the car or right before bed and I forget....more

On allowances

My daughter Alex, at 5 years old, has not yet received an allowance -- but I'm strongly thinking that in the coming months, when she officially starts kindergarten, I'm going to start giving her one. This decision has necessarily caused me a bit of consternation:  how much allowance, for example, is appropriate for a 5-year-old?  And how often? ...more

might work with my little girl Lillian. she's 8.



Why I'll Be Paying My Kid for Chores

I've heard a lot of arguments against paying kids an allowance in exchange for chores.  Some say the children have to do chores just because they're part of the family. (Yes.) Others say it teaches children to help out just for a reward and not for the joy of helping. (Yes.) I think those things are all true. And I'll still be paying my kid an allowance to do her chores (as long as my husband agrees -- it may be interesting to see his reaction this post). ...more
 @Parenting From The Source Good food for thought. I agree kids should have a little pocket ...more