Velveting: The secret to restaurant quality Chinese chicken

Nut Tree Chicken Almond Plate leftovers. Original...more

Coconut Almond Granola

I LOVE Granola.. I have made it lots of ways, even a RAW Granola.  Some have nuts and dried fruit and even chocolate.    There are limitless options when making granola.  I LOVE coconut and Almonds so thats the Granola I decided to make today....more

Paleo Almond Joy Brownies.

The last hurrah. That’s what these brownies mean to me — that is, as I share this recipe with you today, Day 1 of my second go at the Whole30....more

Strawberry Almond Cakies

 Happy Friday!...more

Pretty Is The Name

I think you can tell a lot about me by looking at some of my prized belongings. If my wardrobe is a personal statement of how I present myself to the world, then my tableware is a reflection of me at my most comfortable. While you may not see me all decked out in floral and lace, I do have a weakness for pretty things. There is a girly side of me that is not apparent when you see me as an athlete. It’s definitely there though, often when I’m lounging at home....more

Basil Almond Pesto

Is your pesto the best-o???It might be if you try this recipe!...more
This one is the really different pesto recipe. Thanks for sharingmore

Dry Baked Brownies

Hello there…I’m back…Yaaiiiyyy!! I have been very busy few weeks ago to prepared commemorating the day of my mom was pass away, major busy actually because I prepare everything by myself.  But this year I’m pretty lucky, some of my out of town families, stay overnight at my house and they helped me to tidy up my furniture back at their places after the praying ceremony was over and in the morning surprisingly before I woke up, they already cleaning up the house and make their morning coffee and tea by their self!  How I’m so relieved that day, because I don’t have to in a hurry to prepare morning snack for the guests, because at 8 a.m. we have to go to mom’s cemetery.  ...more

Chocolate Almond Bars

At first I wasn't going to share this recipe with you. ...more

Almond Artichoke Summer Couscous from Picky Palate

I think Jenny from Picky Palate was on to something when she called this great meatless dinner idea Almond Artichoke Summer Couscous, because couscous is a perfect summer dish.  Not only does it cook in five minutes, but there are endless variations of good summer foods that make good flavorful additions to couscous.  Jenny is using almonds, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, and parmesan, but you could vary the ingredients according to your own taste for a perfect light summer meal. ...more
Sounds interesting! I bet they're good.more

Amaretto Ice Cream With Liquor Poached Pecans and Hazelnut Swirl

My baby sister, Caitlin, turned twenty one this past weekend.  Being the youngest of four girls, we three elders knew that we had to pull out all the stops for her coming of age celebration....more

We're having such crazy hot weather (even hotter than usual) this summer, that all I want is ice ...more