Almontella I love nutella. I really, really do. I lvoe baking with it. I love it on bread. I love it for a few sneaky tastes on its own… you get the idea. I’m not really thrilled with the amount of sugar in it though and so I thought it would be a good idea if I gave it a go on my own AND my favourite nuts are almonds so I was able to do a little changeroo there as well. Shockingly easy and I’m pretty happy with its ‘healthiness’. No, this isn’t an everyday treat but it is yummy and fun....more

Sunday Pasta®: Bucatini con Pesto allaTrapanese (Basil, Almonds and Tomato)

Land, ho! It was “water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” while on the high seas, but when it came time to port, the Genovese sailors treated themselves. And our paletes are thankful. As the birthplace of Columbus, pesto sauce, and a famous salame, the maritime powerhouse of Genoa launched the ships that sent the explorers around the world....more

Simple Sustainable Changes for Weight Management Success in the Real World

If your first thought about managing weight is that it’s too hard, or you have to make too many changes in your life to be successful, think again! We should all know that simple changes can remarkably affect our rate of success with managing weight in the real world.  It’s really the small decisions that, if done well, and done consistently, can make all the difference....more

Joanne's Matzoh Brittle

a plate of Joanne's Matzoh BrittleOriginally posted last Passover.  It took the year to loose the 10 lbs Joanne's Matzoh Brittle ad...more

Sweet Spinach! Toast Yourself with Almonds

By: Sunny

Raw Sweet Almond Spread

Among all the food we enjoyed at Yasodhara ashram, the almond spread was everyone’s favorite and quickly became a popular topic of conversation during my stay....more

Spiced Flax Balls

 Hi guys!Technically I’m not “here” right now. I scheduled this post before I left just because well, I couldn’t go an entire week without sharing this recipe with you....more

Almond Cheese Crackers

Alas, the heaven that is gluten, the source of lofty loafs, crusty crusts, perfect pizzas, doughy delights, this panacea of palette pleasing pleasure (and inspiration for unending alliteration, too, apparently), is my private digestive hell. I confess here and now that I am gluten intolerant. Yes. So sad....more

Spicy grilled pork with cilantro pesto

 We received a bunch of cilantro in our C.S.A. and I decided to make something other than pico de gallo with it. I thought cilantro pesto might play off the spicy pork in a more subtle way, but I was wrong. It wasn't subtle at all – it was rich and spicy and the next time I make it I'm going to triple the recipe. Because this only made about a cup, and the day after the dinner my husband and I were being terribly polite to each other....more

Joanne's Matzoh Brittle