Laying Down Idols Like An 80's Legwarmer


When Bald Beats Hair Loss

For the second time since first losing my hair over a decade ago, I have hair.  Not a lot of hair, not long hair, not normally textured hair, but hair.  What I mean is that the total area of my head with hair growth is greater than the total area without hair.  I’m still losing hair, not all over all-at-once, but in roving bald ...more

Let's have some hair loss girl talk.

My hair loss situation has gotten a bit worse. The top? She's pretty bad. So bad, in fact, that the wonderful extensions that I thought were the answer can no longer be used. (Insert huge sad face and sad trombone wompwomp here.) ...more

The Hardest Part of Hair Loss

As an Alopecian, the hardest part of hair loss for me is that I am assumed to be sick, or more specifically, to have cancer.  Not only don’t I have cancer, but beyond my immune system’s assault on my hair follicles, I am absolutely healthy.  Bummer?  Yes, but life goes on and I choose to move on with it....more

Blinded by Hair Loss Help Sites

If I told you there was an online “hair loss support” site dedicated to supporting those of us (men, women, and children) with hair loss, maybe you’d think, “That’s great!”...more

Bald Barbie Goes Beaubeau®

Sounds like Bald Barbie is in the works and she’ll have company.  MGA’s Bratz and Moxie Girlz are losing their locs as well in solidarity with Bald Barbie and all the doll-loving young girls out there coming to terms with hair loss.  One small step for bald girl-kind.  Top her off with a beaubeau® and we’re talking one giant step for Bald Barbie fashion....more

Our Extreme Affliction

Alopecia made the list!  Of “My Extreme Afflictions” that is.  It’s a series on ABC’s news show, 20/20, in which they are covering some truly bizarre health inflictions.  It was emotionally difficult to watch the alopecia segment, but as it was sandwiched between Extreme Hoarders and children suffering from ...more

The Case of the Missing Eyebrow

Many Sides to Bald Barbie

Who would’ve thought Barbie could rise to the pinnacle of cancer politics?  And still climbing.  In a country in which approximately 12,400 children are diagnosed with cancer each year (and the number keeps climbing), I can see why the topic of childhood cancer could and would touch on raw emotions.  It’s take...more

Is There Love After Hair Loss?

There’s looking for love in all the wrong places, and then there’s looking for (and keeping) love with all the wrong head wear.  Can a bald woman find, or better yet, be the recipient of romantic love?  Therese wants to know, and I suspect there are a whole lot of other women with the same painful question....more